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  This message board was created in 1998 for no other reason than I had extra time on my hands. My daughter attended and graduated Salinas High School in the early 90's.... I did not attend Salinas High .... JR 

The original Salinas High was first built in 1900 of brick and was located across the street from where the Postoffice still sits today on West Alisal street. The newer building on South Main street was built in 1921and later remodeled in the 90's.......

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Tree blown down into street by storm of '06.





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Name: - Erik Prater

Grad Year: - 1994
Wed Jan 31 19:02:58 2018

Looking for Linda and Larry Williams of Salinas/Spreckles.  Your parents Virgil and Aileen Williams were good friends of my grandparents Forrest and Patricia Prater of Spreckles.  Forrest was a professional photographer for decades and took photos of your parents.  I have slides of them which are from the late 1950's-early 60's, and would love to give them to you.  If you get this message please connect with me.  If anyone out there knows how to get in contact with Linda or Larry Williams please contact me.  Thank you for your time, Erik Prater

Name: - Kathy Ross

Grad Year: - 1984
Thu Jun 23 09:33:21 2016

Hey class of '84 - does anyone remember which band played our prom?  Was it Eddie and the Tide?  Thanks for the feedback!

Name: - Allie

Grad Year: - 1970
Mon May 16 19:27:00 2016

My grandmother went to this school and was in the band, she passed away this past year and I was curious if anyone knew any of the songs the band played in the year 1970

Name: - Bich-Lien Le

Grad Year: - 1978
Tue Mar 29 17:36:50 2016

Looking for a friend under the name of Mi Cha Chi was graduate at Salinas High in the same year, please let me know if you have her contact info,  thanks.

Name: - carolyn harmer

Grad Year: - 1961
Tue Aug 18 15:44:52 2015

I am looking for any of my classmates that graduated in 1961. Please feed free to respond. would love to here from some of you

Name: - Karen Rutledge Funk

Grad Year: - 1978
Fri Apr 3 20:13:02 2015

I graduated as a junior, in 1977, class of 1978. I am looking for Steve Reed in particular and always glad to connect with classmates from that era!!

Name: - JUDY wilkerson

Grad Year: - 1957
Wed May 28 20:22:42 2014

hi , I am trying to find out about a friend of mine. His name is Robert (Bob) Kirby. We graduated in 1957.  If anyone has any information I would truly appreate  hearing from you.  Thank you all.  by for now.

Name: - rex lawrence

Grad Year: - 1963
Wed Jul 10 13:58:35 2013

I would like to find an old friend, Nick R Gee graduated about the same time from Salinas High School

Name: - Angi McElfresh

Grad Year: - 1988
Wed Oct 17 17:03:50 2012

Wanting to buy any Salinas High School Yearbooks, if you have any year please email me, I will buy one or all that you have. thanks!

Name: - Dr. Brandi Reynolds-Casey

Grad Year: - 1992
Mon Sep 3 19:12:54 2012

Hi, to everyone who enjoys this page, I apologize, but my father JR was the creator of this page, he passed away in April of 2011, so this page will not be updated as I cannot find the passwords or any way of getting into the server for this site. My apologies for any inconvenience. Brandi (Reynolds) Casey Class of 92'


Grad Year: - 1982
Fri Jun 29 08:26:57 2012


Name: - Elinor Alexander

Grad Year: - 1931
Tue May 8 12:51:28 2012

I am researching an item i picked up at the fleamarket and I am hopeing this will help. I found an old notebook that belonged to Elinor M. Alexander. The highschool is SUHS in Salinas, California. She graduated 1931 and was taking English 3A in 1929. The classes title seems to be, "A Fools Mind on World Literature." she also seemed to be apart of the Jusanity Press. If you have any information that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Name: - Geneva Blumenthal

Grad Year: - 1982
Tue Apr 24 22:47:30 2012

Dear Lisa, yes there will be a 30th reunion Aug 3rd and 4th. You can contact me at the above email address and use SHS reunion on the subject line and I can get your info so we can send you an invitation with all the info need this infor before May 15th.  Your classmate Geneva Blumenthal

Name: - Lisa Warne

Grad Year: - 1982
Wed Feb 29 22:12:49 2012

When & where is the class reunion of 1982?
Cannot find any info

Name: - Nancy Lee Ray Thorp

Grad Year: - 1985
Sun Feb 12 14:15:17 2012

class of 85 We had the best music!

Name: - S Gonzales

Grad Year: - 1993
Tue Nov 29 08:04:16 2011

Looking to buy Salinas High Schhol yearbooks from 1990 - 1993. Will pay a reasonable offers.

Name: - Gloria Crawford

Grad Year: - 1967
Thu Aug 4 10:08:25 2011

I'm so glad I found this site but I'd like to offer a suggestion to the founder. Is there a way we can comment directly to the person or person's we are interested in? I've looked for grads for yrs. so I'm happy about this site. My maiden name is Soto I moved to San Francisco in 1999 after I married my husband who's from here. I still have family in Salinas & so I vist but it's not the same place. I'm glad I moved as the city offers me so much. So anyone who remembers me gloria soto please feel free to write to me.....

Name: - Fred Cathey

Grad Year: - 1968
Sun Jul 24 10:30:41 2011

Moved to Detroit in "65" went to Mission Park Elem. and Washington Jr. Hi.
Sure wish we hadn't moved. Nothing beats Calif. I've ridden my HOG back a few times through Salinas.
Fred Cathey

Name: - Jaime Mendoza

Grad Year: - 2004
Tue Jul 12 19:23:41 2011

what the hell? we have a page? whats up?!!! hit me up on facebook i guess

Name: - Scott Klikovac

Grad Year: - 1973
Sat Jun 25 20:43:51 2011

Just looking for classmates from 1973. Am living in the Philippines now

Name: - Craig Dillingham

Grad Year: - 1968
Sat Jun 4 12:43:05 2011

Never received the class picture and the other stuff I paid for the reunion.   Who do I contact?

Name: - markh

Grad Year: - 1977
Sun May 29 19:01:53 2011

for last 4 yrs main topic in salinas is misty jasairas where can she be at in town?

Name: - Jim Martinez

Grad Year: - 1959
Sat May 28 08:57:44 2011

I graduated in 59. I couldn't get out of Salinas fast enough. Too many people in California. For quite a long time I've lived in GOD's COUNTRY, PARADISE.....more correctly known as Coos Bay, Oregon. Please, Please don't come here

Name: - Daniel Macias

Grad Year: - 1957
Fri May 27 19:37:18 2011

Looking to buy a 1957 Salinas High School yearbook, if you know of any for sale please e-mail me.  Thanks.

Name: - James Lathos

Grad Year: - 1964
Tue May 3 20:46:48 2011

       Does anyone remember Susan Hopkins? If you do and know where she is get back to me, thanks.

Name: - Claudia C.

Grad Year: - 1971
Tue Apr 19 17:57:12 2011

Hi everyone; so glad to be included in this great 40 year reunion. I do need another registration packet, as my cat destroyed my original. Thanks, take care

Name: - Donna Cruysen

Grad Year: - 1978
Tue Mar 15 11:26:21 2011

Looking for Carolyn Coggins, Randy Hix,  Nanete Csoica, Robert Bisbiglia others who knew me from SHS.  I was class of '78.

Name: - Steve Phillips

Grad Year: - 1977
Tue Jan 4 17:18:42 2011

Looking for Tom Fish.

Name: - soraida lee

Grad Year: - 1975
Fri Nov 26 23:20:07 2010

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any one reads

Name: - soraida lee

Grad Year: - 1975
Fri Nov 26 23:20:07 2010

if thid
any one reads

Name: - soraida lee

Grad Year: - 1975
Fri Nov 26 23:20:07 2010

if thid
any one reads

Name: - soraida lee

Grad Year: - 1975
Fri Nov 26 23:20:06 2010

if thid
any one reads

Name: - soraida lee

Grad Year: - 1975
Fri Nov 26 23:20:05 2010

if thid
any one reads

Name: - soraida lee

Grad Year: - 1975
Fri Nov 26 23:20:05 2010

if thid
any one reads

Name: - Steve G

Grad Year: - 1995
Mon Nov 22 04:57:24 2010

Hi.  I am looking to buy yearbooks from 1994 to 1996.  My girl firend lost all her yearbooks and I thought this might be a nice gift.  Can anyone help me?

Name: - Janet Struve Pampuro

Grad Year: - 1971
Mon Nov 8 21:52:07 2010

We are planning our 40 year class reunion for 8/13/2011.  I am in the process of locating ALL of our classmates.  Over 150 of us are on Facebook right now!  Contact me and join us for a fabulous reunion!

Name: - Steven Sanders

Grad Year: - 1963
Thu Nov 4 13:09:38 2010

Hello, Salinas High School Grads!!!!
Looking for Steven Sanders graduating class of either 1963 or 1964.. anyone remember him??????  Please respond with something... and I will explain with more detail.

Thank you in advance.

Name: - bonnie ng sullivan

Grad Year: - 1979
Sun Oct 31 19:50:00 2010

Hi everybody I'm looking for old friend her name is jamie harden.

Name: - Andy Nunlist

Grad Year: - 1970
Sun Oct 31 13:49:50 2010

Hello everyone,
Iím located in Ohio after being priced-out of the Bay Area housing market in 1998. They have many factories in the Midwest and I had lived here for a couple of years in the 1970ís. As it turned out my guess was correct in that things got much harder in California in the ďGreat RecessionĒ. Iíve been working right through these hard times although not at a large salary. Feel free to email or contact me on Facebook about anything at all.

Name: - juan r burgara

Grad Year: - 1990
Mon Sep 27 00:09:21 2010


Name: - John Anderson

Grad Year: - 1995
Fri Sep 10 18:55:15 2010

Had to come represent for the class of 1995! Good Times at SHS it seems so long ago now. Hope everyone is doing ok. Let me know what's good if you know me.

Name: - maureen scarberry

Grad Year: - 1971
Mon Jun 7 07:54:36 2010

Hi, I attended Salinas High School in my freshman and sophomore years. I graduated from another HS in 1971. My problem is this: I have lost all pictures and yearbooks due to flooding in my home some years ago. I would like to purchase the yearbooks for the years that I attended Salinas HS. Or, I would at least like my pictures from the  yearbooks for those years. Anyone have any suggestions? If I graduated in '71, then I would have been a freshman in 67-68? and a sophomore in 68-69? If you know of anyone who would like to sell the yearbooks from those years, please contact me. Thanks, Maureen Scarberry.

Name: - Judy Anderson Stubblefield

Grad Year: - 1964
Sat Jun 5 20:31:35 2010

Another opportunity to recall ancient memories....  ;)

Name: - vinou sabin
Grad Year: - 1990
Tue Jun 1 01:12:56 2010

please go check this site :

the creator of Salinas High Cowboys needs your help.... please go have

Name: - Kris Derdivanis

Grad Year: - 1966
Sat May 29 20:41:35 2010

Keith Kindle - Pam Hoffman's married name is "Large"...hope that helps

Name: - Larry Hosford

Grad Year: - 1961
Sat May 29 16:46:04 2010

Say, Gil, wondering are you big bro to David Hernandez? Sanborn Road?

Name: - Brandi Casey (Reynolds)

Grad Year: - 1992
Sat May 29 16:19:41 2010

Hi everyone, My dad is the creator of this site (JR), I am here because I need some help. I am doing a fundraiser online, it would be very nice if we had more exposure, please come look at the website, no this is not an advertisement, My parents are both very ill, and we are all in hot water if I don't get this fundraiser moving, and fast. Anyone willing to post some flyers up around town, or maybe someone has a better idea, or fundraising experience?  all suggestions welcomed!!  I am also On facebook, we have a group page for mom and dad there too. :::waving::: hi class of 92'  it's been a long time  :)     &nb sp;   Thank you so much!

Name: - gil hernandez

Grad Year: - 1957
Fri May 28 09:31:05 2010

Hey - Where's everyone at ?????

Please post a message, Lets talk on this message board / E-Mail .........


Name: - Randy Green

Grad Year: - 1986
Mon Apr 26 22:41:36 2010


Was weird visiting the school. So much has changed. Its kind of fun looking up old faces and a trip back on memory lane. I got a chance to visit a teacher that was still there. I was big into the arts and am thankful for the inspiration Miss Brandlin gave me during those growing years. I was a bit of a loner yet went on to make a good go at life. I wished I would have been more involved but Hey, Ive had a good life. I was raised in San Benacio Canyon and look back on a Golden childhood and the good memories of growing up there. Well , if your reading this Maybe you know me so send me a line and if not its all good so take care....

Name: - Karyn Mondo

Grad Year: - 1988
Tue Apr 20 11:28:09 2010

Hello Cowboys,

I hope all is well out there, especially for the best graduate class ever 88'
However the main reason I am writing is that I am Looking for a dear friend that graduated in 87' his name is Ron Stuart AKA Ron Castillo, would like to get back in touch with him and his family.  If any info please email me.
Take Care Salinas High and Keeping Taking Care of Our Own

RIP Bella and Gen

Name: - Desiree Bronswood

Grad Year: - 1993
Thu Feb 18 12:02:25 2010

Hi, does anybody remember the marching band trip to Malta in 91 or 92? There was a video of the trip produced and offered to the students, I would LOVE to get my hands on one so if anybody has a copy or knows somebody who does or where I could find one, please email me and let me know I lost mine years ago, thanks and hello to all who remember me, you can email me too, we can catch up!

Name: - Kerry Knox

Grad Year: - 1975
Fri Jan 1 14:51:39 2010

Looking for a 1972 yearbook.  Any leads?

Name: - Fran (Fleming) Williams

Grad Year: - 1967
Sun Dec 6 19:18:59 2009

Hi everyone class of 1967. Is there a plan for the 45th year reunion??? I have not been to any yet, but would love to come back. I can't remember to many pepole. I don't have my year book any more thats how I use to recall everyone. So I'll need help for reconnections. Hope to hear from someone.

Name: - Diana Tovar

Grad Year: - 1987
Tue Nov 24 18:05:18 2009

What up, Cowboys!!!    Hope everyone on is doing well.

Name: - Eric Peterson

Grad Year: - 1976
Fri Nov 20 15:55:10 2009

Stubbled upon this when I was looking to see howthe Cowboys were doing in football this year.  It has been a few yrs since we graduated.  Be great to see the class of 76' but I hear when there is a reuion planned no shows.  I live on the east coast NC.  But make it back to Salinas at least once a yr.  I look at the yr book to and wonder where everyones journey has led them.

Eric Peterson
Class of 76'

Name: - Jo Anne (Langenhovel) Curtis

Grad Year: - 1968
Sun Nov 1 00:41:49 2009

We are in the process of planning a class reunion for sometimes in August, 2010. Those interested can email me at the above address or contact me on face book. Thanks - Hope to hear from you

Name: - Patricia Garcia Macalolooy

Grad Year: - 1971
Tue Oct 6 22:29:57 2009


Name: - Clete Sindel

Grad Year: - 1980
Fri Sep 18 23:03:56 2009

In rebuttal to the posting from April of this year by "Doink, The Clown" (a.k.a., "Paddy Wag"), I believe the best football season Salinas High School ever had was the 1979 season.  We were 8-0-1 during the regular season, beat North Salinas (also 8-0-1) 52-25 in the quarterfinals, and beat Oak Grove 32-29 in the semifinals.  Our only loss that season was in the CCS finals against St. Francis High School by one point in the last few seconds of the game (I remember that game like it was yesterday!).  An outstanding group of guys complemented by an equally outstanding coaching staff.

Name: - Jesse J Ramirez

Grad Year: - 1958
Mon Sep 7 08:53:07 2009

I am wondering if anyone new my uncle Jesse B Ramirez. He was class of 1958. I have his gabilan yearbook from then. Since I was born in 1966 and he was killed in 1961 I would like to know about him from those who knew him. He was killed in an auto accident while riding with his friend Ruben Rios. Please let me know if you knew him by contacting me.

Thank you,
Jesse J Ramirez

Name: - Emeritt Garcia

Grad Year: - 1994
Thu Aug 20 21:52:38 2009

Hey ya'll anyone remember me hit me up, on FB too!


Grad Year: - 1985
Sat Aug 15 21:29:15 2009


Name: - Sandra Hawkins Boudreau

Grad Year: - 1960
Wed Jul 22 15:16:43 2009

I just received this site information and think it's a good way to say "Hi" to all the former El Sausal and Salinas High buddies from the past 50 years.
I haven't lived in Salinas for almost 50 years, but my heart is still connected to a lot a good friends there.  I live in Santa Monica, enjoy walking the bluffs above the ocean, helping out with my grandchildren who are 3 and 6, retired 4 years ago from a wonderful career as an Exec in the non-profit sector, and in general am loving about the rest of you?  I'll watch for your postings!

Name: - eddie stubblefield jr

Grad Year: - 1991
Sun Jul 5 01:07:19 2009

well bet people wonder what happen to the crazy eddie vanished to? im doing good i live in arizona,kingman.ihave a wonderful wife and two good looking boys ethan and kyren if any won would like to get ahold of me email me at               love to here from u so lets talk about the goodtimes                                              &nbs p;                                                                                                                                                                          &n bsp;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Name: - soula gika

Grad Year: - 1990
Wed Jul 1 15:17:50 2009

hello to everyone!!!do you remember me???i'm the girl from greece!!i don't live in salinas .i live in greece more than 20 years!!if anyone remembers me can find me in facebook!!!(sorry for my english)!!!i'll see you guys next summer!!

Name: - soula gika

Grad Year: - 1990
Wed Jul 1 15:17:13 2009

hello to everyone!!!do you remember me???i'm the girl from greece!!i don't live in salinas .i live in greece more than 20 years!!if anyone remembers me can find me in facebook!!!(sorry for my english)!!!i'll see you guys next summer!!

Name: - Class of 1990

Grad Year: - 1990
Sun May 10 12:05:45 2009

Hey Class of 1990!!

We were starting to plan for the 20th!  Find us on facebook where we have found more than 125 people from our class or contact for more info!  We also have the beginning of website:

Please share this info with anyone you still keep in contact with!

Name: - Doink, The Clown

Grad Year: - 2003
Wed Apr 22 17:21:56 2009

The 2002 football team was the best in school history. No, they didn't win a CCS divison title, but won a T-CAL title and beat Palma. 9-1 season, and 10-2 overall. Great defense and an explosive offense. Thanks for the memories,
Paddy Wag

Name: - adraian negranza

Grad Year: - 1994
Sun Apr 19 20:08:19 2009

whats up everbody raul garcia adam mizzi fonzie

Name: - Jennifer Nunes- Novak

Grad Year: - 1977
Sat Apr 18 19:37:57 2009

Hi Hunting for Bob Christofferson AKA Rupert Anyone seen him??

Name: - Gilbert Alvarez

Grad Year: - 1970
Mon Mar 16 01:08:26 2009

Hi!  My Mother Graduated from this school and lost all photos and yearbooks, she was The Prom queen for this year (1970)  and I would greatly apreiciated if anyone could upload any photos or memories From the class of 1970...Pleasae please! I really would like to see them.thanks alot and hope to hear from you soon!

Name: - Jose Cruz

Grad Year: - 1993
Mon Feb 2 19:11:38 2009


Hope you are all doing well.

Name: - MIchael Carrasco

Grad Year: - 1972
Wed Dec 31 09:23:54 2008

Looking for Karen Madia

Name: - roxann packwood

Grad Year: - 1977
Fri Dec 26 05:41:02 2008

Hey all. Any one out there from 1977? Send me a email or look up my myspace. take care all

Name: - Mark Perez

Grad Year: - 2004
Tue Oct 28 10:15:53 2008

Wow! 2008 and berly posting on this page. Don't join the militarty cuz this is what it leads to boredom. Hope all is well

Name: - David Kamlan

Grad Year: - 1988
Mon Oct 20 16:15:17 2008

Thanks to all that orchestrated our 20th reunion!  I had a absolute blast and it was great seeing everyone.


PS life is good in Danville- feel free to email if you are in the bay area and get thirsty...

Name: - Tony Silveira

Grad Year: - 1988
Wed Oct 15 21:02:14 2008

Hello all- Sorry i missed the 20. Had  a great time at the 10. Hi Marge.. miss ya
Funny thing.. as I get get older, I think of the simple things.. tag, nationball, kissing that first girl (J) and everything since. but then again, time is eternal, and will always proceed without permission. Say hello if you have a chance : tony silveira -

Name: - Milton Plumey / Rivera

Grad Year: - 1979
Wed Oct 15 07:18:11 2008

To all fans, friends and past team mates. Yes, I am the one that played football and soccer. Looking to hear from all of you since I am still alive and well. I hope everyone that I got to know is doing really well. Please take good care and be safe out there.

Name: - jim smith

Grad Year: - 1959
Fri Sep 19 13:26:48 2008

does any one know where ray williams is

Name: - oliva

Grad Year: - 1984
Mon Sep 8 17:40:51 2008

que onda cowby's from phx .az

Name: - Frannie

Grad Year: - 1989
Wed Sep 3 18:42:40 2008

For anyone looking for information on the Class of '89 Reunion set for August 1, 2009....go to and you will find everything you need.  If you know someone from the class of '89, please pass this along to them.  
We appreciate it!

Name: - ernesto oliva

Grad Year: - 1984
Mon Sep 1 01:05:49 2008

hey cowboys im looking for you guys

Name: - Frannie (Jones)

Grad Year: - 1989
Tue Aug 19 22:53:41 2008

While cruising through cyberspace, finding info. on how to get a website together for planning our 20th next year, I found this great site.  Thank you JR for putting this together.  
I see I am the first from our class to post....
Kerri (Weber) and I are starting the process of planning the reunion.  If anyone has some ideas, input, etc. please feel free to contact me (make sure there's something in the 'subject' box about the reunion or I won't attempt to open it).

Hope to see you all next year!!!

Name: - Deanna Jensen McIntyre

Grad Year: - 1959
Mon Jul 14 15:20:53 2008

I live in Scotts Valley, CA, been married for 48 years, two married children, seven grandchildren, am retired from S/C County D.A., husband has Parkinson's for 16 years and am planning on our 50th reunion even though I have only attended the first one.  Looking forward to seeing some old friends.  HA.  

Name: - Mary L. Goodson

Grad Year: - 1945
Sat Jul 12 14:03:12 2008

I know that there has been a lot of water under the bridge since we went to high school.  I was just curious what happened to my classmates.

I've been a widow for four years and I have three children, one boy, two girls. They are all grown. I have five grandgrandchildren, and two greatgrandsons.

If anybody can give me some information on my classmates I would loved to hear from you.


Mary Lou (Allison) Goodson

You can reach me at :

Name: - Enrique Camacho

Grad Year: - 1994
Thu Jul 3 11:14:22 2008

Wow, what a surprise to find this page.  If any of you are too cheap (like me) to pay for a subscription, use this site to send me an email.  Hope everyone is well!

Name: - Jeanette (Ruggeri) Aguilar

Grad Year: - 1969
Mon Jun 16 11:31:47 2008

Hi, this is a blast from your past.  A 1969 graduate is looking for anybody who wishes to share a few memories from that year or who remembers me.  Just about to turn 58 in a few months and have become very nostalgic and would love to hear from some people in my past.  If anyone would like to share some memories or old photos I would love to hear from you.

Name: - Tina Moore (aka Gould)

Grad Year: - 1988
Tue Jun 3 19:58:51 2008

Hello everyone!!!  Just giving a shout out to those who graduated 1988.  I would love to reconnect with some long lost friends.  Looking forward to an email.......

Name: - Tina Moore (aka Gould)

Grad Year: - 1988
Tue Jun 3 19:57:42 2008

Hello everyone!!!  Just giving a shout out to those who graduated 1988.  I would love to reconnect with some long lost friends.  Looking forward to an email.......

Name: - Gene Amaral

Grad Year: - 1953
Sun May 25 19:25:42 2008

Hi!  Anyone out there from the class of 1953.  I would like more information on the class reunion in Sept.of this year?  Please contact me about the details.
I want to be there if I can.  It would be great to see all of the old people again.
I enjoyed the last one so very much and I would like to do it again.

Name: - Dolores

Grad Year: - 2003
Thu May 22 16:22:20 2008

Hey just wanted to say hello to all of those that graduated with me back in 2003. I can't believe it has been that long. Take care and keep posting:)

Name: - Dwayne Bunch

Grad Year: - 1987
Mon May 12 19:06:06 2008

Hey, just wanted to say hi and see if anyone remembers me. Live in Ohio now.

Name: - Lisa Lopez

Grad Year: - 1988
Mon May 12 12:11:52 2008

Hey everyone!!!
well it has been sometime huh i hope you guys remember ME!! well if you wanna know what im up to now...
i have 2 twin boys and married saul novelo


Grad Year: - 1993
Sun May 11 19:39:01 2008

Just looking for anybody i know. So if anybody sees this hit me up.

Name: - Jesse Ramirez

Grad Year: - 1984
Fri May 9 21:59:36 2008

I am wondering if anyone new my uncle Jesse B Ramirez. He was class of 1958. I have his gabilan yearbook from then. Since I was born in 1966 and he was killed in 1961 I would like to know about him from those who knew him. He was killed in an auto accident while riding with his friend Ruben Rios. Please let me know if you knew him by contacting me.

Thank you,
Jesse J Ramirez

Name: - James Moore

Grad Year: - 1988
Fri May 2 18:42:58 2008

Like seems that I have stumbled upon this website trying to find some info for our 20th reunion.  Are we having one? Any info out there, or if ya just wanna know why I'm still alive and living in Salinas, please feel free to email me. You can also check out my band at

Hope to see everyone at our Reunion, if we  have one?

Peace, Love & Respect......James

Name: - Salinas High 1988 Reunion

Grad Year: - 1988
Fri Apr 25 12:04:10 2008

The Class of 1988 - 20 Year Reunion

Please send your name, mailing address, and e-mail to to receive updates.

Details to Come.....

Name: - Jennifer "Jae" Pi'ilani Requiro

Grad Year: - 1988
Tue Apr 22 09:57:25 2008

I am so happy that a "Foul Language" filter has been installed.  You know those Cowboys have such potty mouths.

Looking forward to our 20 year reunion.  Ouch.  20 years.  Would love to hear from old friends! or find me on Facebook.

A hui hou, malama pono!

Name: - Christina (Garcia) Santa Ana

Grad Year: - 1988
Mon Apr 21 23:19:39 2008

WOW...I can't believe it's been 20 years.  I am still living in Salinas but work up in the bay area.  I have 2 daughters now ages 16 and 12.  My oldest is a Sophmore in high school.  Scarey to think about those years.  I hope to hear about the reunion soon.

Name: - Bert Palacios

Grad Year: - 2005
Tue Feb 19 11:29:36 2008

Oh my gosh, I just graduated in 2007.. idk, it's so crazy just looking at how old this school really is, It was an awesome school.. yeah, anyone have a myspace page?

check out my you tube channel:

ps. I don't live in Salinas, California anymore, I live in Miami, Florida.. and lovinnn it.

Name: - Valerie Conner

Grad Year: - 1988
Tue Feb 19 08:36:34 2008

**Sniff* *Sniff** Smell that, that is what hate smells like..........when most people see my name it will be the first thing that comes to mind. Albet there are a few of you that will have fond memories of me but most will be hate.......I will say my hellos to all of my old Rotten Robbie buddies and my neighborhood friends from good ole Toro Park, of whom I adore. Hope you are all doing well. If you feel like emailing feel free. I would be more than happy to read all that anyone has to say=-))))


Name: - Susan (Hale) Lane

Grad Year: - 1988
Tue Jan 22 13:42:00 2008

Hello to the class of '88 - looking forward to the reunion (if there is one?).  I missed the 10th (my daughter's 1st bday was the same day).  I'm living in So Cal - working for a Software Dev company in San Diego (going on 12 yrs) - married with 2 kids (yes folks I married Jimmy Lane from North High & we've got a 10 year old girl and 6 year old boy).  Believe it or not one of our closest friends down here is 'big Mike' Smith who did a stent at SVHS for a year or 2...He lives about a mile from us.

I'll check this site periodically to see if there's a reunion update - else just send me an email.


Name: - Richard Halcon

Grad Year: - 1993
Fri Jan 18 13:33:30 2008

Looking for Jennifer Ballentine C/O 94' and Ron Bright C/O 92' if your out there look me up sometime.

Name: - Steph Hawthorn (Russell)

Grad Year: - 1988
Tue Jan 15 17:00:01 2008

Totally stumbled onto this site looking for info regarding Class of '88's 20th High School Reunion.  Any info??? Cuz I haven't a clue.  And if anyone's wondering... I'm in the Bay Area...Danville...and have actually rekindled a few friendships here in Danville with Salinas High Alumni...Someone I even played softball with...What a trip.  Small world.

Name: - David Thompson

Grad Year: - 1958
Sun Jan 13 20:00:13 2008

Just stumbled onto this site.  I'm looking for anyone in charge of putting together the 50th class reunion this year.  If you can help, please send me a name, phone number, or e-mail address.  Thanks.

Name: - Kara Dillard

Grad Year: - 1994
Thu Jan 3 15:13:41 2008

Hi I just logged in and noticed a name of a girl that i use to hang out with in school Jennifer Pavel if your out there email me ... i would love to catch up..

Name: - Shauna Sewell Cox

Grad Year: - 1978
Sat Nov 17 18:39:57 2007

Hey Class of 1978!  We're having our 30 year reunion on August 2nd, 2008.  We'd love to invite everybody, so please send your e-mail to  You can visit our website at  Please help me track down our missing classmates.  Hope to see y'all in August (sorry, I've been living in the South for 17 years).  Shauna


Grad Year: - 1993
Thu Nov 8 01:34:34 2007

Fellow cowboys, I'm the tip of the spear...airborne leads the way. I'll going back soon for 2nd Tour to Iraq soon. (01) OIF 3-4, Special Operations, (02) 2008??

Name: - Robynn Kelly

Grad Year: - 1991
Thu Oct 25 13:35:07 2007

Seeking some of my old friends that used to hang out on the corner of Geil Street at lunch. Also, if anyone knows how to reach Paula Pearce or David Savar please let me know.

Name: - sandy ross

Grad Year: - 1964
Sun Oct 14 22:49:11 2007

Does anybody out there remember me? I went to Salinas High from 1961 thru 1964. I also attented El Sausal jr. high. My high school years were great.altho I didn't know it then. Does anybody know whatever happened to Kathy Rangnow, Glenn Henley, Linda Vincent, or Sharon Webb? Email if you know.

Name: - Blaine Dutro

Grad Year: - 1988
Tue Oct 2 23:44:58 2007

Howdy Folks!  Not sure how often or if anyone checks this, but what the heck....  I know alot of you who'll see my name will be freaking out- true, true, but who would of thought, I would be posting something on this site after 4 years of cramming garbage in my head that I never finished anyway and haven't used one day since, 20 YEARS LATER.  Besides, you wouldn't believe what I have done in the last 20 years or what I do now if I told you, even without a stinky diploma!!!!  I always school, but for those who are wondering, nope, I never did graduate (guess I'll never get that invite to the reunion, huh? Or do they let anyone into those parties).  Anywa y, I do think of some individuals who influenced my bad behavior from time to time.... I write that smiling of coarse, and hope this finds you all well and happy with your choices in life.  Feel free to respond, I am sure you're dying to know what happened to the infamous DUTRO Clan!  We do still exsist, all of us, at least at this time and have grown many times over.  

Take care and live long-

Name: - Phil Cumiskey

Grad Year: - 1988
Fri Sep 21 10:49:15 2007

What's up?  Just checking in again.  Nice work JR, in keeping this site running.

I've been loving fatherhood.  My wife (irene) and I have beautiful twin toddlers.  Great time in life right now.

I finished my debut solo CD earlier this year.  Philasonic : Demonstration

More details at

Working on a reggae band project right now too.  Having trouble finding the right musicians, but always remaining hopeful.

I'd like to go to the 20th reunion.  I missed the 10 year because I accidentally booked a gig with my band at the time (Vision).  I didn't want to cancel, but I oft en wish I had cancelled.  I regret not going to the reunion.

Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone.  Feel free to contact me and catch up.



Name: - Marc

Grad Year: - 1978
Wed Aug 29 21:41:37 2007

Hey who are you?? Did you know me  from 74 to 78 hit me back with an email

Don't waste your time with the classmates sites they won't give any info until you pay them, so want to know what ever happend to me send me an email

Take care Marc


Grad Year: - 1977
Sat Jul 21 07:30:22 2007


Name: - Barbara (Quinn) Schad

Grad Year: - 1993
Thu Jun 28 13:39:53 2007

Hi all. I really hope to hear from some of my old friends. I moved to New York years ago and still think of you all. I'll be in California in August 2007 and would love to see you. E-mail me and put your name in the subject. Hope to hear from you.

Name: - gustavo

Grad Year: - 1995
Thu Jun 7 12:14:53 2007

salinas high sucks

Name: - Raul Garcia

Grad Year: - 1993
Wed May 16 15:09:13 2007

Class of 93'
Whats up just thought I drop a line to see if anyone reconizes my name. Shout out to Fonzie, Adam Mizzi, Ceaser Chavez, Josue Gaona, Adrian Negrete, Mike Miracle, any of you fools holla back.

Go You Mighty Cowboys


Name: - Zack Romero

Grad Year: - 1993
Tue Apr 10 22:08:38 2007

Hello Cowboys!  It has been a while since I left Salinas.  Life is fantastic and I am currently living in Colorado.  I would love to hear from my classmates.  Drop me a line.  

Name: - Mitch Kotula

Grad Year: - 1992
Sun Apr 8 15:48:32 2007

Remember me?  I only spent my Freshman year at SHS, then moved away to Atlanta...I found this site and thought I'd say hello to anyone out there!  I bounced around all over, finally winding up in Charlotte, NC!  I am married to a great lady & have a 4 month old daughter.   Please feel free to contact me anytime; it's cytomitch at hotmail dot com.

Name: - Rafael Fontanez

Grad Year: - 1990
Wed Mar 21 09:44:17 2007

WOW! I can't believe how OLD I feel!! 1990 remains in my memory as if it JUST happened! I miss all my friends in band, everybody I ever hung out with WRITE!!
A LOT has happened in the years since graduating. the Marines sent me EVERYWHERE! I was also a radio personality for a few years in Phoenix and now I'm a gang intelligence sergeant at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. I missed the ten year reunion, I hope someon plans a 15 year one or I'll have to wait till the 20! Anyway GO COWBOYS!!!!!

Name: - Rey Bocanegra

Grad Year: - 1973
Fri Mar 2 15:15:38 2007

Hey Julia (class of '76) --- there is one more of your classmates left, but she has't posted anything yet on this website.  It's my wife ... maiden name was Rosa Martinez.  I looked up your pic on my '73 yearbook and I don't recall seeing you around back then.  But then, you and my wife were freshman and I was a senior ;o)

Name: - Michelle (Welsh) Avdalovic

Grad Year: - 1988
Wed Feb 14 23:20:43 2007

HELP!!  I don't believe it, but we actually need to start planning our 20th soon (we can't be that old!)  Anyone interested in helping out with this endeavor, please contact me ASAP.   This one should be much easier than the 10th; at least we have some addresses this time (and I'm not delivering 3 weeks before).  Looking forward to hearing from old friends-


Grad Year: - 1976
Thu Feb 8 01:04:50 2007


Name: - gqseduye

Grad Year: - 1929
Sat Jan 6 00:29:35 2007

[URL=]zrlvrnkx[/URL]  cgapqloe  bolomgdo nokjduqv xycpnulo

Name: - Maria Avila

Grad Year: - 2003
Tue Dec 5 01:55:10 2006

just wanted to let everyone know that i live in Albuquerque, NM.(and it is not a desert, it is a big city with bigger malls than salinas) but i do miss all of you.

Name: - Maria Avila

Grad Year: - 2003
Tue Dec 5 01:53:20 2006

I was looking at my yearbook they other day and i can't help say that i miss all of my class and that i miss the good days that i spent in high school. well i have a question for all of you, do you all know what has happend with steven satterfield? just wanted to ask because i miss him.

Name: - rogelio jacinto

Grad Year: - 2004
Sun Nov 12 15:50:38 2006

ha! god bless you all !!!!! hope every body is doing good!!!! "the ledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" hit me up

Name: - Dave Dill

Grad Year: - 1977
Sat Nov 4 15:21:41 2006

I'm looking for a photo or artwork of the clock tower...any help would be appreciated. GO COWBOYS!

Name: - Melissa L Reed

Grad Year: - 1993
Mon Aug 14 22:07:19 2006

Anyone from 90 to 93 out there??  Jose Cruz, Mike Smith and Richard Halcon, I tried to email you but they all came back failed.  Miss you guys.  Shoot me an email!!!  Anyone seen Noah Dasher from 94?

Name: - Michael Pangdan

Grad Year: - 1987
Fri Aug 11 21:59:29 2006

I thought I would say hey to any remember's me. Anyone from around 87 remembers me email me..


Name: - Phil Ralls

Grad Year: - 1969
Wed Aug 9 22:57:24 2006


I'm interested in buying a 1969 El Gabilan yearbook.

Does anybody have one?


Name: - Julie Porter (aka Agliano)

Grad Year: - 1986
Sat Jul 1 20:32:30 2006

The Class of 1986 is holding their 20 year class reunion.

Date: July 29, 2006
Place: Adventures by the Sea, Monterey, CA
Time: 6pm-11pm
Dinner - DJ - Beach Party, $75pp

RSVP to:
SHS Class of 1986
151 Irene Court
Mountain View, CA 94043


Grad Year: - 2003
Wed Jun 7 09:15:21 2006


Name: - Lance Young

Grad Year: - 1977
Mon Apr 10 19:50:07 2006

Anyone out there in "77 land know when, where, how, and why we are going to have our 30th class reunion next year?  Yes, I still have all my hair, a lovely wife, five kids, and three grandkids, and my block "S" jacket still fits.  What I don't have anymore is my metal flake rootbeer brown  1937 Chevy sedan, sigh...I'm always interested in shootin' the breeze with my classmates!  Lance

Name: - carrie willson

Grad Year: - 1995
Sat Mar 18 21:35:59 2006

WhAT Up Cowboys!!!! Sorry that I couldnt make the reunion! I would love to get in contact with any of the old homies: Taunia, Amber, Crystal, Sharron, Daniel Riley, Brandon Albanise, and of coarse Joser. Where is everbody at???

Name: - Janna Hatcher (Whitney)

Grad Year: - 1981
Sat Mar 11 19:04:07 2006

Is there a 25 year reunion planned for this year? If anyone out there can let me know please do.


Name: - Maria Fernandez

Grad Year: - 2005
Fri Feb 24 11:26:41 2006

Hello I really want to get out of high shool already i want to go to colleage and get a better education to make a better life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Name: - Adam Stafford

Grad Year: - 1985
Thu Feb 23 16:53:30 2006

Checking in.... ((((( H E L L O ! ! !....echo....... )))))
Anywho the bands doing great! SANE from Santa Cruz,Ca.
I go by the moniker "mOji" playing a lot of shows up and down
the coast, just recorded our CD. I know most of you know me as
a drummer, but I'm singing in this band, check out our stuff at these
2 links, and mabye drop a line.

Adam aka "mOji"

Name: - natalia cruz

Grad Year: - 2003
Tue Feb 14 09:23:53 2006

just wanted to say high to all those who went to SHS with me, back when I was in 9th and 10th grade. Hope everyone is doing great in college or where ever their at.

Name: - Heidi (Nunlist) Sullivan

Grad Year: - 1972
Sun Jan 22 18:41:40 2006

Anyone remember me? Please email!

Name: - Dionicio Quintero

Grad Year: - 1993
Sat Dec 10 11:46:36 2005

Is anybody out there?  Hoping to hear from those of you I knew.  The one's that know, don't bother....

Name: - Adam Jon Stafford

Grad Year: - 1985
Fri Nov 18 22:10:44 2005

The Band is on Fire-My daughter ROCKS! Im Happy!
Check us out @: or


Name: - Steve"hairbear"Lagasca

Grad Year: - 1977
Thu Nov 17 18:36:52 2005

Hey Roxanne I pretty much remember who you are,wants goin on did you ever get a hold of Demps?Heard he was livin in Bama somewhere?not sure ! well anyway happy huntin for demps and if you get a hold of him you tell him hairbear says take care!

Name: - steve lagasca

Grad Year: - 1977
Thu Nov 17 18:29:11 2005

Hey allumni!any of you 77 grads seen Sherry Huser?If anyone sees her have her e-mail me at forever want happen to my biggest crush i've ever had, been in love since i met her at a cowboy game when we were still in jr.high,member?you member!well i'm divorced after 21 years and seven children,21,18,15,10,7,6 and 3.but have joint custody.Sherry if you are still out there please e-mail me so i know we are still breathing the same air,LOVE U,Steven Lagasca 2678 Los Amigos Dr. Yuma Az.85364 (928)726-6472 home------(928)726-1240 work---- please call do not want to wait till 30 year reunion!!!!!!!!!


Grad Year: - 1984
Tue Nov 8 05:31:10 2005


Name: - Ken Delfino

Grad Year: - 1964
Sun Nov 6 12:06:06 2005

Sorry to hear that there are infantile posts on a board such as this. This is my first post and I am writing to see if anyone remembers if our 1963 football team actually played North Salinas (is that profanity?) that year? We had the noon rally scheduled on that Friday, but JFK's assassination ended that. I cannot remember if the game was rescheduled or not...and if so, who won?
Ken Delfino
Colfax, CA
Class of '64

Name: - roxann packwood

Grad Year: - 1977
Wed Oct 26 09:39:49 2005

Hey are there any of my class mates out there? Any from the Prunedale/ Elkhorn school area maybe?

Name: - Keith Kindle

Grad Year: - 1964
Sun Oct 16 09:15:41 2005

I am trying to find Pam Hoffman. Hoffman was her maiden name. Thanks

Name: - Annette (Salas) Clark

Grad Year: - 2000
Sat Oct 8 08:42:04 2005

Hey!  Still in the Air Force.  I have been in for 5 years now and have been in Montana since.  I am leaving to Guam in July of 2006.  If anyone is around from the class of 2000-would like to see how everyone is doing.  I have lost touch with everyone pretty much.  Especially since I am now leaving the states for 4 years-would like to get in contact with some of you.

Name: - Bryant Lee Watson

Grad Year: - 1992
Mon Aug 22 14:10:05 2005

What's up old school get in touch with me : Menyata watson, Joy Wilson, Danny Corona, Ato White, Natalie Wilson, Kellie Williams, Kelly Richards, Whitney  Welsh, Adam Papazian, Holly Cooper,remember the days of the house party's.
I'm alive, no children yet, going to school and work trying to become a doctor.
remeber me "BO" . email me if you remeber me.

Name: - Sage

Grad Year: - 1973
Wed Aug 17 06:07:09 2005

ok....let's if this gets anymore to post...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: - Nancy Ward Menees

Grad Year: - 1959
Thu Aug 4 11:50:51 2005

Class mates of 1959........  We have a website at:

Come join us!  You membership has to be approved (so we don't get the spammers) so you'll have to tell me your name as it was in high school.


Name: - charlene sheldahl

Grad Year: - 2003
Sat Jul 16 18:04:41 2005

Charlene Sheldahl this is your brother Damien Sheldahl posting again another note i've changed my phone number i still would like to hear from you your older brother damien sheldahl is mariied and has a lil girl named kyleigh nicole sheldahl i would like to see you and introduce you to your niece and other brother named shane sheldahl. please its been over 15 years your mother is viola stark and your father is Lloyd eugene sheldahl, please call me at (408) 269-1318 or at (408) 836-2187 or at (408)757-2034 or you can write me at 4970 cherry ave. apt # 15, san jose califonia.... please get in contact love your older brother who still cares and who is still searching,,,,,,,DAMIEN SHELDAHL

Name: - Joe Divar

Grad Year: - 1985
Tue Jul 12 20:22:57 2005

Alright -Yo Lomax, I phoned you in what?  2003?  Emailed you pics of the family and then you blew me off :-)!  Don't worry man I don't take it personally.  Partible -keep sending those press releases and keeping us updated.  Mike James -you going to Michigan is like me having gone to Ohio State!  Enjoy the midwest, it's a great experience and who knows, with whacked out California realestate prices I won't be planning on retiring to Salinas anytime soon.

I think I may be the only post since 2003 from the looks of this forum, but here goes.  I'm living in Louisiana now courtesy of the Air Force.  I was in the Navy from 1990 to 2000 when the Air Force came over with an offer to go fly for them.  I actually thought long and hard about it, flying from a ship in the middle of the ocean wasn't an issue -but being away from the family and literally paying for your own deployment through extortion-like wardroom fees, mess fees, and other outrageous charges while floating around in the ocean took it's toll on me.  So here I am in blue going on 15 years now and loving 90% of it.  If you go to Stephanie's reunion on the 22nd of October this year I'll give you the long and sordid details.  Much better heard over a drink and in person anyway as boring as it'll be.

Hope to see the Ritters there, Kevin you best show up since you're just a day's drive away and you still have family in the area, Leo ditto, Chuck Messenger you too since you live in town, Mike James you BETTER find the time and funds to show -hi to your mom for me, Cyndee nee' Cook get your heinie out here from Colorado, and hop e to see everyone else like Jen Osborne, Sing Mak, Aaron Knipple (though you're in Germany brother I hope you PCS back in time or can MAC it over), "BB" King (how'd that F-14 pilot thing work out for you?), Kris Bradley, and all the rest of you.


Name: - Edward Canales

Grad Year: - 1959
Thu Jun 16 19:45:54 2005

My wife and I did not attend are 45th class reuion,held at the Naval Postgraduate Shool on October 16,2004, but did send a check for the reuion book. We have not receive it . Has it been sent out? Who can I contact about it?

Name: - John

Grad Year: - 2004
Wed Jun 15 20:30:03 2005

FREE profile Join and add group SALINAS HIGH COWBOYS  approx 700members

Name: - Don Ramsey

Grad Year: - 1958
Fri Jun 3 11:51:00 2005

Don Ramsey:
   Anyone interested in emailing me please do so at, I was in class of 1958 & 1959, because I left school for one year to work. My wife & I live in No. California, have 2 daughters & 2 grand chrildren. Our youngest grand child graduated May 31, 2005 our other grandchild is 22 yaers old. We are doing well and have had a good marrage & and a good life, some ups & downs but the Lord has been good to our family. Well we would like to here from anyone who
knew me, from 1955 to 1959. P.S. I went to El Sausal Jr. High 1952 to 1955.
Thanks Don & Velma Ramsey.........June 03, 2005

Name: - Don Ramsey

Grad Year: - 1959
Fri Jun 3 11:46:16 2005

Don Ramsey:
   Anyone interested in emailing me please do so at, I was in class of 1958 & 1959, because I left school for one year to work. My wife & I live in No. California, have 2 daughters & 2 grand chrildren. Our youngest grand child graduated May 31, 2005 our other grandchild is 22 yaers old. We are doing well and have had a good marrage & and a good life, some ups & downs but the Lord has been good to our family. Well we would like to here from anyone who
knew me, from 1955 to 1959. P.S. I went to El Sausal Jr. High 1952 to 1955.
Thanks Don & Velma Ramsey.........June 03, 2005

Name: - silvia navarro

Grad Year: - 2003
Fri Apr 29 01:35:27 2005

hello a todos me encantaria me escriban y hacer mas amigos.

Name: - Jose Cruz

Grad Year: - 1993
Fri Apr 22 21:57:16 2005

Hey !! Whats up COWBOYS!! Hope all of you are happy and in good health.
Melissa Reed, wassup girl?? Missing you.
Richard Halcon, How you doing in Sac Town??
Vince Paler, L.A.P......
Eddie Corrella, wassup CHI CHI.
Kathryn Vaughn, Thanks girl.
Carrie Wilson, you know...
and to the C/93 Football team... " THINK ABOUT IT COWBOYS"
God Bless

Name: - Orvin Castanares

Grad Year: - 1995
Tue Jan 11 15:09:41 2005

What's shakin c/o '95!  Is it really 10 years already! Hope everyone has done some worthwhile things in the last decade, eg. travel, career, got rich, bought a phat crib, became famous (ha!), finally finished hartnell (SHS part 2), made use of that diploma, kept those same friends in high school (or maybe not), moved out of Salinas, got out of credit card debt, joined the peace core, went to war, auditioned for American Idol, saw the Red Sox finally break that curse, drive a Benz sl500 (hehe), got freaky on the dance floor w/ Paris Hilton (hmm?,is that true?), voted in the last election, partied ur assets off! or maybe found the love of ur life and now have a bunch of mini-me's of yourse lf running around!  
Whatever your situation, whether you partied in Salinas like it was 1995 (haha)or partied in Vegas like it was 2005!!, would love to hear what the cowboys n gals of '95 been up to!  
And to our student body leaders who are suppose to be in charge of the infamous class reunions, "Lets get it started in here!"

The OC

Name: - charlene sheldahl

Grad Year: - 2004
Sun Dec 26 04:32:02 2004

charlene sheldahl if you find this , i'm your older brother who's been trying to find you for along time my name is Damien Sheldahl my home# 408-269-4326
my cell# 408-608-5069 or you can reach me at the e-mail address provided, please
i havent seen you since you where a baby, I'm 26yrs old. Theres alot we need to catch up on, you and stephen met once, our dad's name is Lloyd Eugene Sheldahl
please,please contact me if you get this. Your oldest Brother who misses you,
                                      ;                                  Damien Sheldahl
                                                                home   408-269-4326
                                                                cell        408-608-5069
                        over 15 years of heartache please call.

Name: - Demetrio Pruneda

Grad Year: - 2005
Fri Nov 19 02:17:30 2004

  Man shy gurl, you and Jess are on fire now. Don't worry, I'm not on her side, actually I'm on no one's side. Haha. Well actually I'm more on your's shy gurl. Why don't you just tell your name. Oh, incase your wondering since we don't know what we look like, don't look at the yearbook to find me. I look fat. I lost a crap load of weight and my hair is alot longer. haha.

  Yeah, Jess put her foot in her mouth. Haha. LOL! I check this site out every now and then too to see if any last year seniors got a bittersweet nostalgia of Salinas High. Oh, sorry. I don't mean to rub it in. Oh man, this is my last year there. That sucks. Well the last is always the best, huh?

Name: - shy gurl

Grad Year: - 2004
Sat Nov 6 00:21:31 2004

Apparently, Ms. Losee doesn't have a life either. Or why would she be reading the messages on this website.If I want to feel this way let me be,it's not your problem is it?Why are you bothered by my message? I don't care if you think I don't have a life. What, you've never regreted not doing something? Don't tell me you just have the perfect life? I doubt it, nobody does. Yeah, not even you have it.

Name: - Jess Losee

Grad Year: - 2004
Tue Nov 2 18:53:56 2004

Wow... a friend showed me this site, and I must say that for being gone from SHS for a total of four months, some of the 2004 class need to get lives. Why are you people dwelling on high school when you have the rest of your mortality before you. Utterly pathetic.
Get a grip...
Maybe I won't go to the reunion.

Name: - shy gurl

Grad Year: - 2004
Sat Oct 30 18:49:57 2004

     I miss everyone from SHS!!!!!!!! This college life stinks!!!!!!!!!! I just wish I could go back in time, so that I could see everyone from school (And of course my crush!) I never thought I would feel like this, it's only been a couple of months since graduation and I already feel like it's been years and years. I want a reunion NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I even miss people I never even talked, but I guess I should mature and forget all of this nonsense. IMPOSSIBLE I will never forget all of my friends (not that I was so popular), and of course I'll never forget my crush. I liked I'm soooooooooo  much and still can't get over him, but it's useless he never even knew I was alive. I really hope that everyone is still going to school, so that one day there kids will be proud of them. And we will say "Yes son , I went to SALINAS HIGH, the most beautiful school in town, with the most variety of students ever, anything from punkers to gangsters, and anything in between."   Well, I wish the best of luck for everyone, and that all their dreams come true. 'Cause I know I will do my best to find mine and make them come true. Bye , I will never forget any of you.

Name: - holloween fanatic

Grad Year: - 2005
Fri Oct 29 18:41:34 2004

Best Holloween  Awards of 2005:
Best Transvestites: Maurice V. Ryan E. (the manly chicks of Norte Dame)
Best Kids Outfits: Brian Cummings, Dennis Morris (tightest Ninja Turtle kids outfit)
Best Hannah Barbarah outfit:  Oliver M. Demetrio P. (the Shaggys of Scooby Doo)
Best Fairy: Monica R. Sheeana R.(the hot faeries on high heels)
Best Police Person: Margret D.
Best Ho: Elizabeth A.
Best Special Appearance: Steve G. Kraig Y.

Name: - Blazin Vanilla Chick

Grad Year: - 2005
Wed Oct 13 18:00:40 2004

Oh my gosh. Congratulations Steph. You go girl! You will be homecoming queen. I guess it runs in the family, because Krystal. Anyway, who nominated Oliver? Like, oh my ga?!

Name: - 'Pals, the Best Ones'

Grad Year: - 2004
Thu Sep 23 18:34:41 2004

Hey, If anyone could contact Morena Duwe. I was looking for my case of pictures at Costco some day in September 2004 in Salinas and I stubled upon Morena's bag of pictures, and they have been sitting there for almost a month (Morena, don't worry, I wasn't snooping if you read this), they're probably pictures of graduation. So If anyone knows how to get in contact with Morena, tell her. Oky dokie. Brittany, Tara, you Rock! You too Clare, Talmon, Steven, Mikah, Rikki, and on.>>H.O.B.O.'s Rock!!!<< I got  MAD lava yo! Peace out!!!

"I feel so sad, every one is gone."---"I won't forget you, will you forget  me?"------------A.S.

Name: - Demetrio Pruneda

Grad Year: - 2005
Wed Sep 22 18:25:57 2004

I just got bored. All of you who know Auggie Mutuc. Brian Cummings said to call him Mowgli from the Jungle Book, I wonder why, I don't think he looks that much like Mowgli. Don't forget. Rotary will be having a car wash on Saturday September 22, and it will be $5 dollars, to send shoes to the helpless people in Zimbawe. (I wonder if this message will still be here like 10 years from now, strange.)
_So what was up with the H.O.B.O crew. Somebody mentioned to make H.O.B.O II crew this year, and I thought it was weird. They should be more original, like naming it  2nd H.O.B.O crew. just kidding.               &nb sp;                       -*This is Demetrio leaving the building

Name: -


Name: - Demetrio Pruneda

Grad Year: - 2005
Wed Sep 22 18:07:33 2004

Just found this place. Seems kinda cool. Anyway, Class of 2005 is gonna kick 2004's @$$. We rock.

Name: - Jenean Kile ( Severino)

Grad Year: - 1991
Thu Aug 26 12:56:19 2004

Hey class of '91! Wow time sure does fly. Since graduation I have had the opportunity to live all over the world.I would love to know what kind of adventures everyone else has had since graduation.

Name: - Brandon Abell

Grad Year: - 1995
Sat Jul 31 05:00:25 2004

C'mon guys. . .  We mid-nineties grads have been out of that construction/destruction zone for almost ten years now.  Get over it.

For those of you who haven't done enough to improve your own life or the lives of your friends in the past decade to *completely forget* the waste-of-time that was that time in high school, I really feel bad for you.  And here I thought I was the dork.

For the rest of you, who have moved on, who have done something interesting, or are working on it - I'd love to hear from you.  And you guys are the reason that I am actually looking forward to going to a reunion (if somebody actually decides to get things in motion for it).

Brandon Abell (brandonabell at

Name: - Yazmin Ontiveros

Grad Year: - 2000
Thu Jul 1 23:16:09 2004

Hey everyone, just want to say hello from Madrid, Spain.  I'm stationed here with the Air Force and loving it, I've seen beautiful countries.  
Hope if you read this you are well, if you want to get in touch, email me.
Take care class of 2000, #1!!

Name: - Heather Kelley

Grad Year: - 2002
Sun Jun 13 19:49:17 2004

Hi. Go Salinas High. I am glad that is the high school I was able to go to. I don't think I would have cared for any other high school. I had a amazing four years. Thanks to all the teachers who care enough to teach kids. I really admire them. GO COWBOYS.

Name: - Dennis Quinn

Grad Year: - 1988
Sat Jun 12 20:22:21 2004

What's up 88?!?!  It's been a while.  I'm living in NY with my wife and 2 girls (6 & 1).  Nothing really different with me, still golfing, throwing cards around and playing softball.  I haven't been back to Salinas since '92 and not sure if I'll ever make it back.  Family all gone from there and I don't remember too many fine hotels in Salinas for me to stay at.  Wife and I head to Vegas every year so if you are there the first week of August look us up at the Mandaly Bay.  See ya for now my peeps.

Name: - Melinda Messner-Rios

Grad Year: - 1968
Mon Jun 7 14:04:14 2004

Hey...this is sad that there is not one message from our year...Had to fix that.
Found this site cause my daughter was posting for 2002 (I know, we are old)
Still here in Salinas amazingly enough...
Drop me a line if you like..

Name: - Samantha Rios

Grad Year: - 2002
Sat Jun 5 22:19:59 2004

Hey all 2002 grads! There's not many of us, let's keep it up, tell people about how the class of 2002 was the best ever!  Salinas High holds a very special place in my heart, my family has been going there since the 1960s and there are so many people from that school who have inspired me. I love SHS, always will. My grandfather was a coach there, his name was Russ Messner, and I am always interested in knowing more about him because he died before I was born. Can anyone tell me about him? What was he like? Thanks. Go Cowboys!

Samantha Rios


Grad Year: - 1985
Sun May 23 09:48:16 2004


Name: - adraian negranza

Grad Year: - 1994
Tue May 18 18:04:46 2004

what's everyone up to these days just found this site so drop some lines sometimes.  later.

Name: - Hugo Chavez

Grad Year: - 2001
Tue Apr 6 18:57:52 2004

Name: - Jennifer Pavel

Grad Year: - 1994
Tue Mar 16 18:28:02 2004

Any news on a get togather for class of 94 ??

Name: - Tiffany Bocanegra

Grad Year: - 1995
Sat Feb 21 12:30:24 2004

Wow!  I was debating as to whether or not I was going to attend the 10 year when it comes around.  Finding this site has answered my question.  The pain most of us suffered in high school and by living in the "Produce Pit" of Ca. still feels as fresh as ever.  I'm not interested in introducing my new husband to anger and resentment.

It's too bad we all can't grow up and get over it.

Maybe the next 10 years will give more of us a chance to heal.....  Till then, anyone looking to remember the few fun memories we shared, feel free to email me.  Life is still tough.  No sense in reliving the pain.  Best wish es to all.

Name: - Charlie Eads

Grad Year: - 1984
Thu Feb 19 00:26:43 2004

Does anyone have reunion info for 20??????

Name: - unatached

Grad Year: - 2004
Sat Feb 7 00:11:02 2004

graduating this year '04
*senior year* best year ever
class of 2004
Where is everyonw going next year?
where did u go?

Name: - martha nayeli fierro raya vivo en cuervos

Grad Year: - 2004
Mon Jan 26 15:34:45 2004

Name: - martha nayeli fierro raya vivo en cuervos

Grad Year: - 2004
Mon Jan 26 15:32:22 2004

Name: - martha nayeli fierro raya vivo en cuervos

Grad Year: - 2004
Mon Jan 26 15:31:51 2004

Name: - martha nayeli fierro raya vivo en cuervos

Grad Year: - 2004
Mon Jan 26 15:29:43 2004

Name: - nayeli fierro raya

Grad Year: - 2004
Mon Jan 26 15:26:11 2004

Name: - perla michelle montes

Grad Year: - 2003
Mon Jan 26 15:22:59 2004

busco a un alumno que  your name is oscar mario montes juarez

Name: - Undisclosed (MH)

Grad Year: - 1995
Fri Jan 23 00:22:41 2004

JC - Do you really believe an apology will mean anything now? You've been a male slut your whole life and now you want to be taken seriously? Instead of trying to apologize to women you've screwed and ignored, start the changing of your ways by treating other women like they are part of the human race and deserve respect. Maybe then she'll believe you when you say you've changed. Until then, save your half assed attempts at redemption for some one who actually wants to hear it because she doesn't

Ramon - DO NOT divulge anything about her!!! Let him suffer for his sins!!!

Name: - Ramon Cota

Grad Year: - 1995
Tue Jan 20 03:36:03 2004

"...and then when you're bent over, moaning and wailing, you lick you palms. It's a little childish and immature, but then again so is high school."

Ah for a brief moment, I was back in high school. And it still sucked. I regret posting to this thread, but everybody, please feel free to write me.

Name: - Undisclosed

Grad Year: - 1994
Mon Jan 19 08:03:58 2004

"Let justice be done, though the heavens fall..."

Name: - Undisclosed

Grad Year: - 1994
Mon Jan 19 07:45:15 2004

F.U.  J.C.

Name: - Jesse Calderon

Grad Year: - 1995
Mon Jan 19 06:58:20 2004

Well put Ramon. How have you been doing? If you're still in touch with V.S., please pass along my email address...I'd like the chance to explain my actions...

Name: - Ramon Cota

Grad Year: - 1995
Mon Jan 19 03:56:06 2004

And so I don't ruin my reputation as a dork and cynic, I will now quote Monty Python and quote Nietzsche:

"My hovercraft is full of eels"

"God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him." (w00t! headshot!)

Name: - Ramon Cota

Grad Year: - 1995
Mon Jan 19 03:46:34 2004

Ah, beautiful. Given that experienced first-hand all of these little dramas, I feel like I really wasn't a huge dork in school. I almost feel like one of the "in" crowd!

As far as the accident, well,  Salinas is a small town, and rumors there are like a fire in a factory that makes circa mid-90's MC Hammer pants. I can't speak for the validity of rumors, but my Dearest Cat is not the first to voice them. There's always been talk that one of the first officers on the scene saw the parking brake pulled and put it back down to spare the families a financial burden coupled with the already harrowing emotional burden. When the rumors come from a member of the police force, though, they do te nd to carry some weight.

And as for the V.S. stuff, Undisclosed, I really feel that you're hurting your friend more than helping them by drudging up painful stuff. The dude has email. Hell, sign him up for questionable mailing lists if you like (might I suggest I just really don't appreciate you airing her dirty laundry. I've spent *literally* hundreds of hours on the phone with that girl & will probably carry a crush on her to my grave. Actually, the only person I've logged more phone time with is Cat. And just as I'm not posting all the dirty little details of our halcyon night of passion (I recall it every time I hear the slap of leather on skin), I wouldn't dream of posting someones painful high school bullshit.  I'm telling you this to pre-empt the inevitable "You don't know what you're talking about" comment. I'm sure you & I know each other, Undisclosed. I'd love to hear from you. But only if we chat about the good times, not the bad. I'm sure we're all capable of filli ng volumes with pain. Case in point?

Name: - Jesse Calderon

Grad Year: - 1995
Thu Jan 15 07:06:02 2004

Cat- I wasn't offended, I thought I had offended you! I guess all is well again. Thanks for clearing that up.

Name: - Cat Allbritton

Grad Year: - 1993
Wed Jan 14 18:39:43 2004

Curb - thanks!

(undisclosed) -  I'm completely flummoxed by your forthrightness and perspecacity, not to mention impressed by your deft insinuation of drug use and ridicule of my name.  Gee, you've really put me in *my* place, haven't you?

Jesse - I apologize if I offended you with my last post; I merely have a low tolerance for saccharine b.s., and your use of the word "tragic" pushed a button.  

Name: - Jesse Calderon

Grad Year: - 1995
Wed Jan 14 13:50:29 2004

Cat Allbritton-I'm not sure what the conditions of that accident were. Honestly, the only person I knew was Josh and I can't really say that I knew him well. I was just saying that I have the footage and if anyone wants a copy, I'd be more than happy to accomodate them.

(undisclosed)-you're really brave, especially when we're hiding your identity. I live in Arizona and if you really want to find me, I'm not hard to find. I've provided my email address so if you have something to tell me, please do so. And if V.S. is referring to who I think you're referring to - you really need to get your facts straight. The only thing I'm guilty of is regretting it the next morning.

Name: - (undisclosed)

Grad Year: - 1994
Wed Jan 14 13:38:54 2004

Cat...I'll believe your version of the events since you WERE in the car with them. Sounds like somebody needs to quit inhaling those fumes and spend a little more time in the real world...Cat? What kind of name is that? Hey Calderon...are you still an a-hole? I hear you moved out of state. Good thing because I'm still waiting to get you back for what you did to V.S.

Name: - Curb

Grad Year: - 1994
Wed Jan 14 04:33:04 2004

You rock Cat! I couldn't have said it any better!

Name: - Dalia lopez

Grad Year: - 2005
Tue Jan 13 19:02:49 2004

What's cracking,  folks well who ever reads this message just triyng to communicate with my gente on Northern california know i live in s________ california  tham that sucks i miss the back in the days kiking it with my home girls. Getting in trouble i messed up there sorry staff but it aint that late to tell you guys sorry if i ever got you guys worryabout dumb things it wasn't necessary. But still i havent change only on some things i had to. but who cares for all the  things of mine whats up with you guys                                                                                Late,Dalia lopez

Name: - Cat Allbritton

Grad Year: - 1993
Mon Jan 12 18:43:35 2004

"tragic" my a#* - they were hot-boxing in her car and "waldo" popped the parking brake at 60+ miles per hour.   natural law dictates that stupid people who do dangerous things don't live to reproduce.  "tragic" applies only to the family in the Suburban that our former classmates crashed into.  

Name: - Jesse Calderon

Grad Year: - 1995
Wed Dec 31 13:07:21 2003

For those of you that remember the tragic accident that took the lives of five of our classmates in 1992...I recently came across all the news footage I taped. If you would like a copy of any of that, or if you know any of the families of the victims, please let me know and I can provide you with a DVD that contains all of that news footage.

Name: - Michael James

Grad Year: - 1985
Wed Dec 24 08:37:23 2003


How are all of you guys?   I have been away from Salinas for many years, but I was looking at the Salinas High web site to see what things are like back home and I found this web site.  

JR, thanks for putting this up!  It is very kind of you.

I currently am living in Michigan.  I read too many car magazines when I was a kid (starting at the Salinas High library), and ended up working for one of the big American car companies (some of you may not be surprised).   It has been very good work and I really have fun with it.  I have been in Michigan for only a couple of years so far and have been learning how to live in s now and with Midwesterners.  

They are a little bit different from what you find in California.  Nothing bad, just different....  The Michigan women are almost as cool as the California women.

Hey, did anyone keep our underground newspaper going?   Why did Mr. Evans leave as principal?   How is the rebuilt Salinas High School... last time I saw it, it was in ruins from the earthquake.   Is the average price for a fixer-upper home in Salinas up to a million dollars yet?   Does Foster's across the street from SHS still sell their special sauce (are they still open)?   Did Mount Toro get any snow again since I left (Ski Toro?)?  Any one know where: Charles Messenger ,  Miguel Hernandez,  Ray Craft,  ... and there are so many more.... are?

Name: - Steve Thompson

Grad Year: - 1984
Sat Dec 20 08:15:55 2003

Hello Im Looking For People I No Like  Alison Estep  
                                                                  Mary Shull
                                      ;                             Robert Smith

Name: - Jesse Calderon

Grad Year: - 1995
Tue Dec 9 08:38:52 2003

What's up with our reunion? I live in Arizona now, so it's hard for me to keep up. Any information would be appreciated.

Name: - Marsha Christian Crabtree

Grad Year: - 1965
Tue Dec 2 12:53:39 2003

I'm searching for an old friend who might have attended your school in 1962 -- Mary Jane "Dinka" Counsell '66.  Does anyone remember her or have any idea how I might can locate her?  We lost touch when we both moved back to the States from Germany in the early 1960s - a group of us from back then are reuniting and searching for other long-lost old friends.  Please contact me at the above address if you remember Dinka or anything about her.  Thanks!  Marsha Christian '65  (Chattanooga, TN)

Name: - Mendoza

Grad Year: - 2004
Sat Nov 29 20:44:18 2003

class of 2004!! baby!! we rock!!
        *congrats to all*

Name: - Dean Wilson

Grad Year: - 1965
Thu Nov 20 16:18:00 2003

Are there any reunions for class of 64 or 65?

Name: - Ramon Cota

Grad Year: - 1995
Wed Nov 19 00:33:17 2003

Vote Quimby!

Name: - john ghera

Grad Year: - 1983
Sat Nov 15 10:55:48 2003

hello all ,i was just setting hear with a broken leg tryiny to find out about our class reuoion if i didnt miss it any way ill be sitting wait to hear from any one about it. contact me with info, tell me how it was.

Name: - angie harry

Grad Year: - 1985
Wed Nov 12 21:41:16 2003

class of 85,,,,,,,,,,,,what's up ,,,,,it's great to hear everyone's doing well, for myself i can't complain.lifes had it's up and downs but i continue to stand strong.i'm looking forward to hearing from some old class mates.

Name: - Rey Bocanegra

Grad Year: - 1973
Fri Nov 7 15:01:16 2003

Anyone out there from class of '73???


Name: - Gerry Carrillo

Grad Year: - 1990
Thu Nov 6 07:19:56 2003

God Bless everyone.

Name: - Doug Messer

Grad Year: - 1984
Sat Oct 25 02:56:45 2003

Hey! I am not a grad from Salinas but I lived their while in the military, I am searching for  Kristen Frates graduated around 1986. I have lost contact with her after 16 years of friendship. Any help would be welcomed. She was to be my friend for life, but Military had other plans.
Thank you
Doug Messer
in Kentucky

Name: - Mario V. Ochoa

Grad Year: - 2003
Thu Oct 23 01:29:33 2003

there is a monkey in the room, there is a girl in my bed...wait! this is college, all of us have a monkey and a girl in bed.... well, what's up everyone, how are the Vaqueros doing today? can you all believe it, we are out of SHS and what do we! yeah, it' s 1:50 in the mornig and i am writing this when i should be writing a paper for my Astro class. college is not as fun as we all think but it's nice to have a monkey and you know what in your room every once in a while! well, before i leave i just want to say: i will never forget you Megan D. (yeah, u know who u r). take care where ever you are. see you all...and...GO BEARS!

Name: - Angelica Zavala

Grad Year: - 2001
Mon Oct 20 16:38:18 2003

Hello!!!! Salinas High School Cowboys

My name is Angelica Zavala I graduated from Salinas High in 2001. I was suppose to graduate in 2002 but I decided to graduate one year early. I am in my third year of college at USIU in San Diego. I am majoring in Elementary Education and concentrating in International Relations. I hope everyone is doing well.


Angelica Zavala

Name: - naty cruz

Grad Year: - 2003
Tue Oct 7 10:50:36 2003

congrats to all the seniors that graduated in june.

Name: - Catherine Allbritton

Grad Year: - 1993
Tue Oct 7 07:36:54 2003

Anyone else been in the bell tower??  Can you still get into the tower, now that the building is all remodeled and fancified??  Is there an actual stairwell or something now, instead of the scary ladder-and-trapdoor in the "storeroom"??  If anyone knows, please post on this site (teehee! - a Salinas High *website* - who remembers The Blue News?) or email me.  

In case anyone wonders (or cares) how *I* got into the bell tower:
Ms. Brandlin (the art teacher) took me up there, nominally to get something out of the storeroom, but possibly also to show me definitivly that there was no clear line of fire from the tower to the innercourt. &n bsp;>; )

Name: - Phil Cumiskey

Grad Year: - 1988
Tue Sep 30 15:19:25 2003

Big Up to the class of '88.  I was bored and found this website.  I've been working in IT for about 9 years, after struggling doing other stuff after high school.  

I've been playing in bands, writing songs, and building a recording studio.  While I have an extensive Rock Music background, lately I've been focusing on Ska, Reggae, Funk, Soul, and R&B stuff.  I like the energy created when a band connects with the audience.  When a crowded dance floor is pumping to the music, it is very rewarding as a performer.

Anyway, I'd like to hear from any heads that are interested in talking .  It's been a while, but I stil l see lots of people at Tico's Tacos in Salinas.  It is like a mini reunion every time I go.  Hope all is well with everyone else.  -fil

Name: - jerry medina

Grad Year: - 1967
Sun Sep 7 10:53:58 2003

I am looking for graduation pictrues if any one has any  or know where i can locate them please email.thanks

Name: - Taz Ramirez

Grad Year: - 2001
Sun Aug 17 11:09:43 2003

Whoa.... who'd a thought I'd find this site from IRAQ!!!  Yeah, this cowboy's runnin with the 173rd Airborne Brigade now and I'll be in IRAQ for the next YEAR!!!!  Anywho, those of you thinkin about takin the plung and going wise.  This ...stuff isn't for the faint or weakhearted.  To the SHS Faculty that remembers me....Choonee!  (Kurdish for Hello!)  I'll be home someday...till then, smile for me now, I could really use one!  Take care and Ciao!  

-SPC Ramirez, Chris "Taz" or to my guys..."Doc"!  From Kirkuk, IRAQ

Name: - Letisha Picard

Grad Year: - 1996
Fri Aug 8 11:57:20 2003

Just wanted to say hello to all cowboys/cowgirls.
Shenay were you at ? When is the reuion? I now resided in Terre Haute Indiana.
Remember when all we wanted to do is get out of Salinas? I want to come back.Nothing Like home.

Name: - Russ Spear

Grad Year: - 1953
Tue Jul 29 09:55:16 2003

I'm looking for a mailing address for some in Salinas that is keeping score on who, what, when for this years 50th reunion.  Please email.  Thanks!!

Name: - Stephen Camcam

Grad Year: - 1990
Tue Jul 22 07:02:31 2003

Hello everyone,

I am a 1990 Grad!!  Can't beleive that was 13 years ago.  I am in the Air Force, currently stationed in Riyadh Saudi Arabia deployed to Qatar.   I miss the cool Salinas weather that everyone complains about.
Write back and let me know how good old Salinas is!

Name: - Bobbi Michaelis (Alameda)

Grad Year: - 1971
Sun Jul 20 20:15:19 2003

I've been out of contact with anyone for a little while. I have a new email address:
Please include me in any communications.  Thanks

Bobbi Michaelis (Alameda)

Name: - Melissa Payne

Grad Year: - 2003
Wed Jul 2 17:12:09 2003

Hey Cowboys! I was wondering if anyone who graduated this year knows where to order the pictures they took of us during graduation. Like in the inner court and walking the line. Please e-mail me if you know. Thanks! Good Luck to all who graduated in 2003!!!!

Name: - maribel quiroz

Grad Year: - 2003
Tue Jul 1 19:51:22 2003

hey all you cowboys.  I hope everything is very good. I wish you good luck in your studies and the rest of your lives.  Hope to see all of you in 2013.  Bye.

Name: - WebMaster

Grad Year: - 1964
Sun Jun 29 21:27:52 2003

To the recent abuser of this message board:
   You are not anonymous, and your internet connection information as well as your many postings (which I removed), and even the ones that did not get through the language filter, have been logged and will be turned over to your ISP (pac bell) and to the proper authorities, should you continue abusing this board. You have been warned........ WebMaster

Name: - nancy madrigal

Grad Year: - 2005
Fri May 9 13:40:51 2003

Hey every body i miss you all really,Salinas high school 1# till the end,i moved and i wanna go back. Holla to brenda,claudia,adriana,maria,La guera and to all of u.

Name: - Adrienne Reisinger (aka Sack)

Grad Year: - 1986
Thu May 8 20:10:00 2003

Hi All,
I can't believe I am the first person from my class to post a message. Where is everyone? I am living in Portland. Married. Own my own business and just getting through life. Love to hear from anyone.

Name: - kathleen Willis aka "Waroff"

Grad Year: - 1977
Fri Apr 25 10:28:25 2003

Roxanne I remember you!  I am searching for anyone that remembers me!  Particularly the Hicks Girls.  

Name: - roxann packwood

Grad Year: - 1977
Mon Apr 21 16:47:48 2003

I am looking for robert dempsey.  If you find him have him email me,

Name: - Mike Huerta

Grad Year: - 1963
Fri Apr 11 22:06:49 2003

Go Cowboys!

Name: - Caroline Leyva

Grad Year: - 1999
Thu Apr 10 14:45:46 2003

Hey Everyone I just wanted to say hi to all the Cowboys (u know you're the Bomb!!)  Wussup to the class of 99! and all the Cowboys who have come and will come through Salinas High!  Any one who remembers me drop me a line sometime...peace out!

Good luck to all....Rock On!

Name: - Vanessa Vann

Grad Year: - 2004
Fri Mar 7 04:13:29 2003

Tell cracker or emerson and them to holla at a female.Please!


Name: - Vanessa Vann

Grad Year: - 2004
Fri Mar 7 04:11:39 2003

Wuz crackin?Idon't if y'all will ever see this but if anyone knows Cracker, Emerson, Matt, Donte, Calvin, John, Marcus or Jeff

Name: - Terry Tan

Grad Year: - 2005
Sun Mar 2 16:23:47 2003

hey everyone just here to tell u that our varsity basketball team won the second round of the CCS playoffs. hope more people will come to our CCS game cause there was almost no one there. well im gone.                            

                                                                        this is Terry Tan signing off

Name: - Trudi Anthes Barnes

Grad Year: - 1975
Fri Feb 14 14:33:46 2003

Okay, if you graduated in 1975, you need to make sure I know how to get in touch with you.  We will be planning the 30th reunion and don't want to miss anyone... PLEASE EMAIL me with you email address and/or anyone elses from the class of 75 that will want to be informed of the reunion!!!    Thanks!!

Name: - Oscar M.

Grad Year: - 2002
Mon Feb 10 22:03:32 2003

hey whuts up weres all the 02 grads?

Name: - shorty

Grad Year: - 2003
Wed Feb 5 13:09:54 2003

hey everyone whats up its been a short year for me .well  just wanted to say that you guys can do it work hard to walk that line and good luck katkatricric you can make it just try.  love always shorty
c/o 2003 rules

Name: - Adam Stafford

Grad Year: - 1985
Thu Jan 30 13:07:47 2003

Oh heres a Link to all my Music: I play ALL the Instruments,Do ALL the Vocals,And wrote 95% of ALL..The Tunes...LOL Is that ALL: enjoy

Name: - Mark Kelley

Grad Year: - 1976
Sun Jan 26 23:23:00 2003

Love to talk to you Lori sue

Name: - Jaweed Bari

Grad Year: - 1995
Thu Jan 9 12:35:23 2003

Send me an email : )

Name: - Patricia Krebbs

Grad Year: - 1953
Wed Jan 1 23:28:34 2003

Looking forward to the 50th class reunion. Hoping to see old friends.
Pat Krebbs

Name: - Laura Pestoni

Grad Year: - 1979
Wed Dec 11 02:00:30 2002

Class of '79 !!!!!!!  Hey..I am still aliVe and KiCkin' : )
Didn't get any taller, but, hey! I'm healthy!  hehe..
I would like to hear from anybody from our class..
I am interested in finding Reg (Regina) Picoli ..
Apparently, one of my boys knows a few of my former classmates'
kids, he is currently a sophomore there..: )
Please e mail ..........
oh, and anyone have any info on Rani (Lori) Ranagan??
                          ...thanks !

Name: - Terry Tan

Grad Year: - 2005
Tue Dec 10 20:28:01 2002

hey everyone..........uh i dont know what im doing here i was just surfing the web for some stuff and this popped up i wonder y? well if anyone can get a hold of any yearbooks older than 1999-2000 well thanks. laters everyone
                                                            This is Terry Tan signing off.


Name: - Jacques Renault

Grad Year: - 1951
Fri Dec 6 14:41:38 2002

Am looking for a copy of the Salinas High Cowboys yearbook for 1951.  Can anyone help?

Jacques Renault

Name: - andrew flores

Grad Year: - 2005
Fri Nov 29 22:42:52 2002

i need to find you my love

Name: - Carla Regelman

Grad Year: - 1972
Fri Nov 29 16:36:08 2002

Looking for 1972 graduate Terry Smith.  Thank you.

Name: - AZNhank a.k.a. Henry

Grad Year: - 2004
Fri Nov 22 15:36:55 2002


Name: - Heidi and Raquel

Grad Year: - 2004
Thu Nov 21 09:52:30 2002

You guys all suck.  You are all lil piesas.  Wuz up to our heinas you all are the best fuckin friends we ever had: lil Danielle Cricchio 831, Ashley Shreiner (Courtney get in da house), Daija Greenwell (I don want any problems...les jus put dis behind us), Ashley Seydel (my future sister), Angie Panelli (I'll do it jus like that) (like that), Raquel and Heidi (spanish and math class together enough said)  GURLS LETS MAKE THIS THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIFE!

Name: - James W. Lofland

Grad Year: - 1985
Wed Nov 20 10:11:54 2002




Name: - Lyndsay Schmit

Grad Year: - 1996
Mon Nov 4 17:43:18 2002

Hey Class of 96!!!!!
Does any one remember me? Its me Lyndsay Schmit if you remember me email me I would like 2 talk 2 u. I was just going through the old yearbook and remember all the good times I had (and bad!!!)well I sure had fun at Salinas high. Well now Im a mom of 2 little boys. Chris the oldest is 3 and a half years old and Brandon is 9 months old. I got married 2 Christopher Davis does any one remember him? If any one knows Ashley Wilson or Amanda Hunter PLEASE email me I would really like 2 get in touch with them. Well Bye Salinas High I miss u and especially the class of 96.....

Name: - melinda pearson

Grad Year: - 1995
Sat Nov 2 19:32:26 2002

any one who remembers me give me an email.

Name: - Doug Dimmick

Grad Year: - 1985
Thu Oct 24 16:23:22 2002

WOW. I had a dull moment in my office today thought I would surf for SHS on the web and low and behold, this page shows and Adam Stafford is the first message. Adam I haven't seen you in nearly 20 years. It sounds like you have had a interesting ride. I stay in touch with a few of 85 grads mostly Jay Beck, Chris Sutton, John Vorweck and a few others. I am in Sacramento living with my girlfriend of 4 years and doing well. I still have a few of my old KISS records as well. It would be great to here from any of the class of 85 grads that are out there. Does any one know if there are plans for a 20 year reunion? All the best to ya!      

Name: - Adam Stafford

Grad Year: - 1985
Wed Oct 23 13:15:13 2002

Hmmm.....So where is everyone? Ive been in Santa Cruz for several years.Working in Produce Sales,raising my Lil'girl Lelia Faye shes just about 2.5 yrs old. I still record/write/produce music...Mostly on Indie labels and for Independent Films....Not really a Whole helluva'lot to say. I dig my life,I love my kid I'm still a HUGE KISS fan even at age 35. I havent been to any reunions due to the fact that I see 80% of the class of 1985 thru 1995 and back to 1975 at every Produce Convention or Function there is!!! I think a lot of people still LIVE in the past...i.e. partying,going to bars. I did that for awhile and it just got ugly and expensive...integrity dissapeared,burnt bridges...etc. I got clean & sober...I dig the AA scene,I dig not waking up w/hangovers,wasting $$$ and all the fun wreckage that goes along w/it. Im not by any means PREACHING and forgive me if Ive come across that way...I just wanted to share WHERE Im at with life at this time and place. It would be cool to hear from anyone out there that I was friends with back in High School. I see Leo Partible posted awhile back...But not anyone else from the class of 85? So anywhoo...Im done bullshitting....Im me Im happy and I was just checking in after almost 20 years...Im sure that this is important to all of you......So Ill be going....going....gone!!!

Name: - Eric Fontanilla

Grad Year: - 1993
Fri Oct 11 10:17:24 2002

Dear Fellow Cowboys! Damn, almost 10yrs! I can remember ditching class to grab an early lunch or write forged "sick notes"! Do you remember the dreaded Dan Dresner?

About me? Well went to Hartnell High for a while, and went to college in the SF Bay Area to study Advertising & Graphics. Worked on various dot comms & some ad photography stuff. Had a blast in the city, partied, hung out at North Beach cafes, clubs, did the whole S.F. gig. After that, joined the military, U.S. ARMY, and was in for a whole new "reality". Worked as a 37Fox, propaganda media design & distribution. Fun stuff!

I now live in Playa Del Rey, in West Los Angeles! I work in the media industry, and in my spare ti me surf on weekends, hang out at Venice Beach, and do anything involved with Extreme Sports! Please Drop me an email if you live in SO CAL! Always looking for ex-SHS grads to hang out & chat with!

Name: - Myles St. Jonn

Grad Year: - 2003
Sun Sep 29 21:56:07 2002

Hey, I can't find my directory and I need Demitra Townsend's number.  Can someone email it to me?  My address is   Thanks

Name: - Erika Rodriguez

Grad Year: - 2003
Thu Sep 26 17:43:07 2002

I hope I C U @ sckool today.

Name: - Jennifer Lopez

Grad Year: - 2004
Thu Sep 26 17:38:47 2002

Please dont call me JLO no more it makes me sad.

Name: - Veronica Gonzalez

Grad Year: - 2005
Thu Sep 26 17:35:13 2002

Good luck class of 2005! Bye 4 now

Name: - Tara Forkum

Grad Year: - 1990
Mon Sep 23 11:01:30 2002

I'd like to know about any reunion plans for my year of graduation.  Please forward any info to my e-mail address above.  

Name: - JON WENT

Grad Year: - 2002
Sat Sep 21 19:11:17 2002


Name: - jon went

Grad Year: - 2002
Sat Sep 21 19:08:45 2002

im going to blow up the school and tag it to know im serious look for tags thAT SAY JEB

Name: - Ismael Munoz

Grad Year: - 2003
Sat Sep 21 17:14:26 2002

Hi everyone!

Name: - Ismael Munoz

Grad Year: - 2003
Sat Sep 21 17:09:02 2002

Hi everyone!

Name: - Knowie

Grad Year: - 2002
Fri Sep 20 03:42:13 2002

What up y'alls from C/O 2002. I found this site and nobody posted on it. YEAY! I'm the first person from 2002 SHS to post here. So whats up y'alls? Well im outs, lolz if any of you wanan chat just e-mail me. Peace


Name: - Mike Fitts

Grad Year: - 1976
Mon Sep 9 08:53:21 2002

Looking to chat with other members of Class of '76.  Was looking at year book this weekend and boy the memories!!  Hope all are well.   Please feel free to email.

Name: - Rex Dwyer

Grad Year: - 1982
Fri Aug 9 19:06:14 2002

SHS '82 reunion info:  

When     Sep 28, 2002 at 6:00 PM ET
Duration 5 hours
Details Theme: Hawaiian Island Luau Come for a memorable event and great evening on the beach. This will be a fantastic social event, couples and singles encouraged.

Name: - Antonio Regalado

Grad Year: - 2003
Thu Jun 20 16:20:25 2002

You are cool!

Name: - Leo Partible

Grad Year: - 1985
Wed Jun 19 03:40:34 2002

Where is everyone? Basically the only person I have an e-mail for is Joe Divar and I see Gary Shipman every few months (he's a comic book artist ... created a book called PAKKIN'S LAND... pick it up in the stores) and we've kept in touch. The last time I saw anyone was at the reunion and I have pictures. Life's been pretty exciting. It's too lengthy to go into but I'm in the entertainment industry, pretty much a multi-hyphenate. If you type in my name for a search you'll basically get updated in press releases. I've involved in a number of ventures... a singer/songwriter (had an album out on an indie label), illustrated a book, published a comic book (a spin-off of THE MUMMY RETURNS)... worked as a VP Creative Affairs for a film company (we put out DETROIT ROCK CITY with New Line Cinema)... currently co-founded a company called Prime Universe Entertainment ... partnered with a site called I'm moving into directing films (my first feature goes into production later this year... I'm working on the soundtrack in addition to acting, wrote the script)... I teach a pitching seminar once a year for ACT ONE: Writing in Hollywood... I'm part of the Biola Task Force... been on a number of radio shows (National Public Radio, Michael Levine Show, KKLA Radio) ... my brother Van is in the industry as well. He's an animator... He created a cartoon series ... I'm sure you've heard of the cartoon called JOHNNY BRAVO on the Cartoon Network ... my brother Roy is working on projects as well... we all live in Los Angeles... my girlfriend Lori is a rock n' roll publicist for a band called Delirious... love to hear from you all, especially Kurt Smoot, Mike Townsend, Jennifer Grantham, Lynn Nolan, Maureen Cang , Mike Hushaw, The Ritter Triplets, Cyndee Cook, Gary Rodriguez, Julie Duffy, Anders Davidson, Ray Kraft, Gabe Pan, Jason Tabosa, heck, anyone who 's known me or grew up with me... I'll keep you all updated... Peace

Name: - Leo Partible

Grad Year: - 1985
Wed Jun 19 03:39:40 2002

Where is everyone? Basically the only person I have an e-mail for is Joe Divar and I see Gary Shipman every few months (he's a comic book artist ... created a book called PAKKIN'S LAND... pick it up in the stores) and we've kept in touch. The last time I saw anyone was at the reunion and I have pictures. Life's been pretty exciting. It's too lengthy to go into but I'm in the entertainment industry, pretty much a multi-hyphenate. If you type in my name for a search you'll basically get updated in press releases. I've involved in a number of ventures... a singer/songwriter (had an album out on an indie label), illustrated a book, published a comic book (a spin-off of THE MUMMY RETURNS)... worked as a VP Creative Affairs for a film company (we put out DETROIT ROCK CITY with New Line Cinema)... currently co-founded a company called Prime Universe Entertainment ... partnered with a site called I'm moving into directing films (my first feature goes into production later this year... I'm working on the soundtrack in addition to acting, wrote the script)... I teach a pitching seminar once a year for ACT ONE: Writing in Hollywood... I'm part of the Biola Task Force... been on a number of radio shows (National Public Radio, Michael Levine Show, KKLA Radio) ... my brother Van is in the industry as well. He's an animator... He created a cartoon series ... I'm sure you've heard of the cartoon called JOHNNY BRAVO on the Cartoon Network ... my brother Roy is working on projects as well... we all live in Los Angeles... my girlfriend Lori is a rock n' roll publicist for a band called Delirious... love to hear from you all, especially Kurt Smoot, Mike Townsend, Jennifer Grantham, Lynn Nolan, Maureen Cang , Mike Hushaw, The Ritter Triplets, Cyndee Cook, Gary Rodriguez, Julie Duffy, Anders Davidson, Ray Kraft, Gabe Pan, Jason Tabosa, heck, anyone who 's known me or grew up with me... I'll keep you all updated... Peace

Name: - Rex Dwyer

Grad Year: - 1982
Tue Jun 18 21:19:49 2002

Any news on a 20 year reunion for the class of 1982?  Do I really have to pay $29.99 to Email me!!

Name: - Cecilia Celso

Grad Year: - 1965
Mon Jun 17 11:30:26 2002

Does anyone know if there will be a reunion this year for the Class of 1965?  

Name: - bob bsaun

Grad Year: - 1953
Thu Jun 6 15:06:22 2002

Hi to SUHS folks,

We are actively searching for missing graduates for our upcoming 50 year reunion. Please check out our website for a list of missing at:

Name: - Richard Halcon

Grad Year: - 1993
Fri May 24 14:14:09 2002

It's been a long time.  I am living in Sacramento and doing well. I was just looking  for some old friends. Email me if you get a chance.

Name: - Konstanze (Konni Ryburn) Assaad

Grad Year: - 1972
Thu May 16 16:52:41 2002

Does anyone have information about upcoming class reunion class of 1972 ?

Name: - Angie Roldan

Grad Year: - 1982
Tue May 14 13:52:04 2002

Hello Cowboys.  I've been out of the area for the last fifteen years and I thought it would be nice to catch up with old friends.  Is a 20th year reunion planned?  I'd be interested in attending.

Name: - james

Grad Year: - 2005
Thu May 9 18:31:12 2002


Name: - Russ speirs

Grad Year: - 2005
Thu May 9 18:29:15 2002


Name: - natalia Cruz

Grad Year: - 2003
Thu May 2 15:07:06 2002

hello cowboys!!!!!!!!
       I hope and you guys are having a great time and "feliz cinco de mayo" to all my friends.

Name: - Trudi Anthes Barnes

Grad Year: - 1975
Thu Apr 11 08:11:01 2002

Hey, anyone who graduated in 1975!!!!
We had our 25th reunion in November of 2000 and we want to make sure that NO ONE gets left out for the big 30th in 2005, so if you graduated in 1975 or know someone who did, give them my email so we can start the list!!!
Trudi Anthes Barnes
Class of '75

Name: - Gloria Barlow Schmidt

Grad Year: - 1953
Fri Apr 5 12:18:22 2002

Looking for Virginia Bentley Deckert.
If anyone knows how to get in touch with her, please let me know.

Name: - Pam (Baker) Borah

Grad Year: - 1981
Wed Mar 27 09:19:16 2002

Hey there!  I just figured I would post and see if I can make contact with anyone else from those days.  I am also looking for Des, (Deserae Pagacian - not sure of the correct spelling, sorry Des.)  If anyone knows where she is I would dearly love to know.

Name: - ray lee jr

Grad Year: - 1995
Mon Mar 11 16:30:48 2002

looking for anyone from c/o '95 that knew me drop me an e-mail

Name: - Gail Criswell

Grad Year: - 1970
Wed Mar 6 15:08:31 2002

Hi everyone;

I'm trying to find out about reunions for 1971 and 1972.  I've checked the Classmates site but can't find any reunion information.  If anyone has info. they would like to share please e-mail me.

Also looking for past classmates from 1970 thru 1973:  Karen Harner and her brothers and sister, Kitty Stallcup and her brother Clay; Nancy Overstreet......


Name: - MIchael Smith

Grad Year: - 1993
Tue Mar 5 23:06:01 2002

Just looking  to see if there was anyone I knew on here. Class of '93 Drop me a line. Almost ten years, Wow!!!

Name: - Heather Longare-Fowler

Grad Year: - 1996
Fri Mar 1 11:12:19 2002

I am guessing that not too many people come to this site. Its too bad that we dont have more interaction with one another. I hope to hear from anyone. I am so far away from you guys that I never really see anyone. Take care and God Bless

Name: - eric mchale

Grad Year: - 1965
Sun Feb 24 14:38:51 2002

  looking for contacts with  class of 1965  write .

Name: - Karen Blackwell-Conners

Grad Year: - 1982
Sun Feb 10 16:10:49 2002

  Does anyone know of a 20 year reunion planned for the class of 1982?

Name: - Gary McWilliams

Grad Year: - 1962
Fri Feb 8 14:42:34 2002

Can you help me find Judy Cochron, graduate 1962, North Salinas High School.  Last known address San Jose, California.  Please email your information.

Name: - Roy Hooten

Grad Year: - 1960
Fri Feb 1 16:26:08 2002

Am I the only one left alive ??????????

Name: - Eric Meckel's mom

Grad Year: - 2004
Thu Jan 17 21:37:08 2002

I'm looking for ANYONE who can VOLUNTEER to help with the campaign for MEASURE F, to fix and finish Salinas High Schools.   We want to repair the theater, so the kids can perform, put in bathrooms by the stadium, and finish the student parking lot.   IF ANYONE CAN HELP for an hour or two before March 5, 2002, please call  775-0116.  We're above H&R Block by Star Market.  THANKS!  (We have hundreds of kids in drama, multiple choruses, string orchestras, and 3 bands, with no place to play.)

Name: - Rinah Yamamoto (was Marlin)

Grad Year: - 1981
Sun Jan 13 16:44:52 2002

I would have graduated in 1981 but left the country in 1979.  I am currently in Massachusetts and would love to hear from anybody that remembers me.

Name: - Dennis Sheridan

Grad Year: - 1964
Wed Dec 26 23:41:11 2001

Denny passed away July 4, 2000. He leaves 7 children.

Name: - Martha Burgos

Grad Year: - 2003
Thu Nov 22 23:31:07 2001

whats up cowboys? well I miss salinas high more than I would like to.
I wish that i could be the instead of where I am right now.good luck to all the cowboys out there.bye

Name: - Bernardo Cruz

Grad Year: - 1994
Sun Oct 21 01:33:08 2001

Hey how is everyone.  I was just looking to see if there was anyone here from class of 94 that I remember.  Hope everyone is doing fine.  If anyone wants to get in touch with me feel free to e-mail me.  

Name: - Amber

Grad Year: - 2005
Fri Sep 21 11:37:31 2001

Hey all u cowboys i've missed you all since i moved! Cowboys still rock!!

Name: - Mike Fitts

Grad Year: - 1976
Sun Sep 16 08:29:58 2001

Does anyone know if there is going to be or was a reunion this year for class of '76.    Also interested in catching up with old classmates.  Hope you are all doing well.

Name: - Paulette Schroeder

Grad Year: - 1959
Sat Sep 15 11:21:36 2001

Just found out about this from Ellen Knutson. My married name is Halliday. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Name: - Mel Thompson

Grad Year: - 1959
Thu Sep 13 18:20:40 2001

Looking for Linda Alsop (I think that's how the name was spelled). Class of 1959, editor of school newspaper, married Larry McFadden (I think).

Name: - Jack Hedden

Grad Year: - 1996
Fri Aug 31 04:42:45 2001

I went to school in Western New York and would just like to tell the administatiors that I am on your side.  Good for you getting that smut out of the yearbook!!  The moral standards of youth today are lower than ever before and arent getting any better.

Name: - kevin lomax

Grad Year: - 1985
Sat Aug 18 11:52:22 2001

Anyone from '85 out there, anyone?anyone? Particularly Joe Divar, Sean Hoss, Kenny Inman etc. etc. I'll be waiting!

Name: - Ross

Grad Year: - 1994
Thu Aug 9 11:25:46 2001

to anyone who knew me in high school- drop me an e-mail.

Name: - Jeff Bachus

Grad Year: - 1981
Sat Aug 4 23:22:59 2001

Did I miss the 20 year reunion?

Hope not.  

Jeff Bachus

Name: - Emily Jo Starkey-Peak

Grad Year: - 1993
Sat Aug 4 21:12:35 2001

" '93-the year to be" After Graduation I moved to the deep-deep south of Alabama. Still get homesick for California. Please help me find my way! Would love to hear from anyone ('89-'95) who still remembers me and still wants to claim this California girl gone Southern Belle. Oh and if anyone sees Mrs. Loftus(who failed me in Algebra) tell her I made all A's in Calculus and Trig at Auburn!

Name: - Kenan Marlin

Grad Year: - 1983
Thu Jul 19 13:30:21 2001

Just wanted to post my name. (Why not?) Someone might be trying to find me. Maybe I'll get to go on Jerry Springer!

Name: - Jan (Boswell) Swaggerty

Grad Year: - 1981
Thu Jun 7 13:18:09 2001

Hi! 1981 Grads out there?
I haven't really been in contact with anyone since high school. I left Salinas and haven't been back. Just wondering if there is a 20 year reunion this year? Maybe I'm too late! I've been wondering what everyone has been up to? I've been up in Oregon for the past 8 years. Let me know!!

Name: - Chris Crist

Grad Year: - 1953
Sun Jun 3 15:44:51 2001

Hello everyone!
We are gearing up for our 50th class reunion in a couple of years, and have been busy since this past August, 2000, trying to locate our lost/missing classmates.
We have 80% confirmed names and addresses as of now. That is outstanding for a class as large as ours (465+) and almost 50 years ago. We have 101 people that we still havn't been able to locate. But, time is on our side, and we are sure we will be able to contact at least half of the 101.
Who ever reads this, please email me back with any questions or comments on this posting.
Chris Crist
Reunion contact
class of 1953

Name: - Diana Allen (Tusing)

Grad Year: - 1991
Thu May 24 06:22:50 2001

Let me know what's up! Living just north of Cincy with my husbad Kevin and cutie 4 month old daughter Paige.


Grad Year: - 1996
Fri May 18 22:00:21 2001


Name: - Jesse Calderon

Grad Year: - 1995
Wed May 16 00:31:04 2001

If anybody would like to get ahold of me, write me at Please be sure to visit for more Salinas High info.

Name: - Heather Longacre Fowler

Grad Year: - 1996
Tue Apr 17 13:51:06 2001

Hi, I was wondering if we were going to have a 5 year reunion? I would love to hear from anyone, I live in bakersfield now so I never run into anyone.

Name: - Jim Balentine

Grad Year: - 1979
Mon Apr 2 13:43:57 2001

anyone from 79 out there??? e-mail me if you were from 79 or around that time!!

Name: - Bill Wilbur

Grad Year: - 1959
Tue Mar 6 22:06:22 2001

Looking to contact friends and acquaintences who attended SUHS - class years 58, 59 and 60.
For anyone interested, I'm still an Aerospace Engineer with Boeing.

Name: - Magana Jose Abraham

Grad Year: - 1994
Mon Mar 5 07:07:18 2001

Just found website but I was dissapointed not to see any fellow grads from "there's more in store for 94" Just looking around and saying hello to you all
And purple is still my favorite color.   What are you guys doing?   Abe

Name: - Steve Thompson

Grad Year: - 1984
Fri Mar 2 21:17:12 2001

Hello I Just Found This Website And I Think Its Awsome To Find Friends And Everything You Need I Think Its Cool Way To Go Thanks For All Those Years Of Going To That School Of Yours.


Grad Year: - 1978
Mon Feb 26 18:31:18 2001


Name: - Jeff Kuhn

Grad Year: - 1992
Mon Feb 12 21:29:16 2001

anyone from 1992? E-mail me!

Name: - Brandi (reynolds) Casey

Grad Year: - 1992
Mon Feb 12 11:43:34 2001

Anyone out there?  Email me!

Name: - Nathalie Piffero

Grad Year: - 1991
Sun Feb 4 13:11:05 2001

Hello !! I'm looking for people I met during my scool years (1989-1991). I come  from Switzerland and I hope to get some news of at least some of you !!!!

Name: - Nathalie Piffero

Grad Year: - 1991
Sun Feb 4 13:10:03 2001

Hello !! I'm looking for people I met during my scool years (1989-1991). I come  from Switzerland and I hope to get some news of at least some of you !!!!

Name: - Irene (Paduck) Merrill

Grad Year: - 1971
Wed Jan 31 09:03:17 2001

The SHS Class of 1971 will be having its 30-year reunion on Friday, August 17, 2001, at the Salinas Community Center.  This reunion is open to all grads, as well as to those from the class of '70 and '72, as we have many connections with classmates from those years.  Please check out our awesome reunion website: - or contact us at the email address shown for me.

Name: - IRJR

Grad Year: - 1900
Tue Jan 30 22:45:59 2001

   I hope this message board program works better than the old one. All the old messages have been archived to another page. That link is near the "post" link above..... JR